Comanche is one Uto-Aztecan language talked in southern west Oklahoma in the USA. In 2013 there to be 30 aboriginal speakers of Comanche, the end of a complete Comanche populace of around 15,100. The language to be formerly talked in Texas, new Mexico, Kansas, Colorado and also Oklahoma.

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In the early years that the 19th century many Comanche youngsters were taken from their homes and educated in boarding schools where the language that instruction was English. They to be punished for speaking Comanche and also as a result, quickly spoke only English. By the middle of the century just the elders might still speak the language.

In 1989 the Comanche Tribe started a project to maintain the language and also the history of their ancestors. The end result was 15 two-hour tapes featuring 40 lack elders informing stories and also family history in their native tongue. During the adhering to two year a variety of language class were arranged by individual tribal members, all functioning independently.

In 1993 the Comanche Language and cultural Preservation Committee was created with the vision that reviving Comanche as a life language. The Committee desires to provide the possibility for Comanche people of all ages to be able to speak, write and also understand their language in order that it and also their society might live on.

In 1994 the Comanche Tribe adopted a Comanche alphabet and spelling system emerged by Dr. Alice Anderton, a linguistic anthropologist at the university of Oklahoma, Norman. Because then a variety of Comanche books, dictionaries, and also other materials have been published.

Comanche alphabet and pronunciation



Stress normally falls on the very first syllable the a word. If it falls elsewhere, an acute accent is supplied to suggest this.

Download an alphabet chart for Comanche (Excel)

Some advantageous Comanche words

Comanche language = nʉmʉ tekwapʉ̱ English Language = taibo tekwapʉ̱ carry out you speak Comanche? = ʉnha nʉmʉ tekwaʔeyu? Hello! = marʉ́awe (to 1 person), marʉ́awebu̱kwu̱ (to 2 people), marʉ́aweeka/marʉ́aweka (to a group), haa marʉ́awe (hi), marʉ́awekwai (tell me all around it) just how are you? = ʉnha hakai nuusuka? Fine, and also you? = tsaatʉ̱, ʉntse? I'll see you tomorrow! = noo nʉ pʉetsʉ̱ku ʉ punine! My name is .... = nʉ nahnia tsa ....

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What's your name? = ʉnha hakai nahniaka? What's the Comanche word for ...? = hakai ... Nʉmʉ nahniaka̱? carry out you understand me? = ʉnha nʉ naki̱supanaʔinʉ̱? I recognize you = ʉ naki̱supanaʔitʉ nʉ i don't understand you = ke nʉ ʉ naki̱supanaʔitʉ Kiowa tribe = kaiwa you re welcome = haamee say thanks to you = ʉra exactly how old space you? = ʉnha hʉʉ tomopʉ̱? yes = haa No = kee Spanish Language = yuhu taibo tekwapʉ̱ fry bread = yuhu nookopʉ̱ 1 = sʉmʉ 2 = wahaatʉ̱ 3 = pahiitʉ̱ 4 = hayarokweetʉ 5 = moʔobetʉ̱ 6 = naabaitʉ̱ 7 = taatsʉkwi̱tʉ̱ 8 = namewatsʉkwi̱tʉ̱ 9 = wʉmhinatʉ̱ 10 = sʉʉmarʉ

Comanche pronunciation and also useful words provided by Benjamin Bruce

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Information around the Comanche people, their history and culture

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Comanche paragraph

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