Although it"s not a typical occurrence, over your swimming pool"s life time it is possible your step may crack. Luckily, repairing a cracked pool action is a relatively simple process, and also one you have the right to do on her own. Here, we breakdown the procedure of repairing cracks in pool steps, along with some valuable photos that the process to assist you along.

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Materials Needed:

a bath towel or hair dryer to dried the step fully (exercise caution v electrical usage near water)a coffee or putty knifea rotary rock bit100-grit sandpaperfiberglass fix kita dust mask (recommended, no required)masking tapeepoxy paint, in the equivalent or preferred colorpaint rollers for bigger areaspaint brushes to reduced into smaller areas and edges

Step One: eliminate Water

To repair her pool step you"ll require your step to be clean and dry. This way draining your swimming pool water in ~ minimum to a level listed below the component that needs to it is in repaired. For best results we recommend doing action repairs when you are doing a liner replacement.

Note: execute not drain the pool fully unless you room doing a liner replacement. If you are not replacing your liner, only reduced the water level far enough that you have the right to make the repair.

Step Two: identify the Crack

In the photo below you will view the step has actually a cracked which has actually been previously repaired, but is in require of a new repair.


Step Three: Clean and Prep

First, dry the area to it is in repaired with a bath towel or hair dryer. It have to be dry to the touch.Using a coffee or putty knife, clear turn off any significant debris.Using arotary stone bit, grind outthe cracked area from finish to end.Sand the area approximately the crack with 100-grit sandpaper untilthe fiberglass is dulled and the entire area approximately the cracked is smooth and level.Clean the area againto remove any dust or leftover debris.

Step Four: apply Fiberglass fix Kit

Directions for just how to use your fiberglass fix kit might vary depending upon the kit you use. Be certain to read and also follow the instructions that come through your repair kit. In our instance we are using a fix kit through a mesh patch come ensure a strong, solid repair.

Step Five: Sand and also Smooth

Once her fiberglass repair kit applications has had ample time come cure and harden, sand and smooth the repair. A straightforward sheet the sandpaper need to do the cheat here, despite we also recommend making use of a dust mask end your face so you don"t breath in any of the fiberglass dust while you work.

Once the repair is smooth to the touch and also even v the level the the existing steps, you room done sanding.


Step Six: Recoat / Repaint

Once done sanding, wipe the entire area through a dry towel to remove dust, debris, and also moisture. Usage masking ice cream if you have to protect any kind of coping or liner edges close to where you will painting.

Using a repaint roller, use the epoxy paint evenly and also use your repaint brush to cut close come the edges. Allow the an initial coat come dry totally (4-8 hrs on a clear day). Apply a second coat. Due to the fact that your pool needs to be filled as conveniently as possible if you room not replacing her liner at this time, the is best to apply both coats of paint on the very same day.

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Allow paint to dried completely. Testimonial the recommended dried time on your paint can prior to refilling your pool, (can take it 4-7 days depending upon weather). When you re-fill the pool, balance your swimming pool water ASAP in order to protect the fresh repaint on her step. TIP: The pH requirements to be above 7.4, and also make sure your alkalinity is over 100 ppm.


We expect you"ve uncovered this helpful! If you have additional questions ~ above this or anything rather please inspect out our resource center right here or drop united state a comment below. Thank you!