Oh, yes, you read correctly, over there are an ext than one or two methods of installation extensions! it’s not simply your typical glue and sew-in techniques that it seems to be ~ to be the many popular. Over there are tons of methods! part are also so simple that you can do that yourself.

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It seems as though with each happen year come a new installation method for extensions and I’m all here for it. Talk around options! listed below I’ll discuss six various hair expansion methods the you can try.

1. Glue

In mine opinion, the glue-in technique is the easiest and also fastest one! However, it might be the many damaging too. That all counts on the sew-in weave installation. Friend can use this one of two ways.

The an initial way you can glue in hair extensions is by braiding or laying your herbal hair down and also placing a weave cap over her head. The lid is acting as a barrier between your hair and also the glue. Once intact, measure the track essential per layer, glue, and apply press to the head. That’s it! really easy! This layout is normally called a “quick weave,” and we deserve to see why!

The second an approach is the same yet minus the cap. Some human being don’t mind having actually the tracks glued straight to their hair. There’s also a special form of glue it is made simply for the option. It’s an ext like a molding gel that gets used to your entirety head, let dry, then apply tracks.

Glue in hair expansions can be a great option if they room done right. Make sure to monitor our tips in order to achieve good results through glue in hair extensions.


2. Sewing

The sewing technique offers a more secure style. Keeping the extensions in place until you’re all set to take them out. To prepare for this style, girlfriend will require a needle, thread and also your hair will have to be braided. The two most usual braid patterns for the sewing an approach are a circular style or directly back.

The desired braiding pattern frequently depends on just how you want the expansions to place or whereby your component will be located. Friend would desire to consult v whoever is sewing your hair for this reason they could ideal direct you.

Once you’re all braided up, friend will need the needle and thread. Place thread v the needle and tie a node to for sure the subject in place first. Then, starting at either next of the nape that the hair, start sewing the needle through braid climate pull the thread every the means out, and also repeat.

In this method, the object is locking the tracks to the braid, therefore it’s at sight secured. Also, the takedown for this an approach is really straightforward too! all you carry out is simply reduced the subject out! just be careful not to cut your own right here though! It’s constantly best to have someone perform it because that you.


3. Crochet

I’m no sure just how long this technique has to be out, yet out that nowhere, I began seeing plenty of women rock this style! the a fun, quick method for virtually anyone to perform themselves! So because that this method, you can save your salon money for the following trip!

When doing the crochet method to use for extensions, you first need a crochet needle. Braid her hair straight ago as well. If you desire some huge hair or large curly hair, I imply this style, due to the fact that the visible appearance that the loop won’t show compared to the opportunity of right hair.

All you execute is on slide the needle v the braid, open up latch top top the needle, add hair, close latch, and viola! every done! uneven you’re someone that truly doesn’t desire to carry out their hair, this is the method for you! You can sit down and watch her favorite movie every while, looping and pulling, just looping and pulling!


4. Clip-ins

The infamous extension method, that’s been roughly since forever! anyone from celebrities, high schoolers, and kids undertake the cutest clip-ins!

They are specifically what their name is, clip-ins. That hair the is currently threaded top top a track and has a clip attached to it. The clip allows for basic weave installation.

Normally human being wear this if they desire to add some extra length, yes, really fast. That looks great on directly hair. Clip-ins room the latest and also greatest point in the organic hair world, too.

To install, just component your hair wherein you want the expansion to go and also clip it onto your scalp favor your combing her hair. For example, stop say you were wearing a braid out format with your herbal hair and you wanted a complete look, clip-ins would be good to use. You wouldn’t even need to include a many either, maybe just two or three clip-ins around particular parts of your head to give you a fuller look.


5. Micro-links

Mirco-links is a tedious installation an approach that may take up to three to 4 hours to complete. It needs a especially trained hairstylist come install.

For micro-linking, friend must have actually a clamping device to download the extensions. Micro links are a loop the gets applied to every of your hair strands. Your herbal hair goes v the loop, and then the expansions go with next. Every time the hair goes with the loop, clamp the in come secure the section.

Once installed, you have the right to pretty lot treat it choose your own. Girlfriend will have the ability to wash, cut, style, and also color the hair, the course, assuming the hair is 100% virgin.

You’re guarantee to have actually long-lasting wear with this hair! This an approach will ensure a seamless, herbal look that will certainly leave spectators wondering if it’s all your hair!


6. Bonding

The bonding method is good if you want to leave her hair the end while rocking the extensions at the very same time. Some may argue the this technique can it is in damaging to your hair. Others say it"s just damaging depending upon how you take the expansions out.

Bonding is excellent by parting her hair and also gluing the monitor slightly under the scalp (so the scalp have the right to breathe). That very comparable to a fast weave installation, but the only distinction is your organic hair is exposed. This method creates a really herbal illusion because it permits the expansions to blend well through your hair.


There you have actually it! friend now have six different hair expansion methods, to select from. Each technique has its function for all various preferences. Options enable you to view which an approach will best suit your needs.

So the next time girlfriend are getting extensions, be certain to weigh all options out, and be sure to consult v your hairstylist.

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Which hair extension method is your favorite? Which an approach have you already tried or are curious to shot out? let us know by leave a comment below.