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i have a 99 foreman es i have put a ton of new parts on and i along with my local honda shop,and all atv shops are stumped. it shifts great esp neutral through 5th and manually into reverse. however it will not try to shift past 5th as if there were a 6th gear or shift down past neutral like it is supposed shift handle,angle sensor and shift motor...anyone have a clue?

Huh? Are you saying it does or does not shift past 5th? There are only five forward gears. On my 01 Rancher ES, not shifting into reverse is either the reverse cable adjustment, or the reverse switch, which is located at the bottom rear of the crankcase. (On the back of the crankcase, very hard to see unless under the machine.
it does not shift past 5th but in normal opperations a es will try to shift past 5th or down past rev. as IF there were another gear. mine has ceased to do this and also i have ran a ground from the rev sensor wire off the harness to the ground on the batt. this bypasses the rev. switch on the bottom of the atv. i have all gear but its like somthing if telling the angle sensor or the ecu to stop sending voltage to the shift buttons after neutral.

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the bike shifts fine into rev. manually and the light works on the dash as well as showing on the screen. shifts great with no dashes from n-5th and back down sitting still and running. when its running and in neutral i have the red rev. button pressed and brake handle pulled it wont even click when the down shift button is pressed?????im stumped along with everyone else

Deerhunter, I received your message that the problem (not shifting into reverse) is NOT affected by temperature.Well then...............Hmmmmmm.......When you are in Neutral, is your green neutral light coming on?Also, try holding in your right brake handle while shifting down to Reverse? Do you hear anything?It looks like something is preventing power from being sent to the shift motor when the transmission is in Reverse. (The reason I asked if the Green neutral light comes on is because that is what also tells the ECM that the transmission is in Reverse!). Anyway, if the neutral light does come on, but it still won"t shift to reverse (but, it WILL DOWNshift to other gears), then I strongly suspect a problem with your ECM (electronic control module). The ECM is literally the brain of the machine, and if it isn"t functioning properly, then it could explain the problem.Do start by completely disconnecting all the power from your battery and leaving it disconnected for a half hour or so. Reconnect everything to the battery, then try it. If that doesn"t do it, then I would be inclined to recommend an ECM replacement.