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Have a pair of old shotguns that are not established for shell dimension ,need to know just how to measure for appropriate sizing to fit 2 1/2" shell, vs 2 3/4" shells.etc

The safest and also finest means is to usage a shotgun chamber gauge. tright here is a pronounced ridge in the barrel, you might usage a wooden dowel. By sliding the dowel along the chamber wall till it stopped at the ridge, then mark the dowel wbelow the chamber starts. Rerelocate the dowel and measure the distance between the end of the dowel and your note.
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I guess mu question can also incorporate .If a 2 3/4 " shell execute you need to include the extra length of the rolled crimp to the overall length?So would the correct measurement be closer to 3"?

I guess mu question might likewise incorporate .If a 2 3/4 " shell perform you have to include the added length of the rolled crimp to the in its entirety length?So would the correct measurement be closer to 3"?
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The chamber length is the actual measurement of an "uncrimped" shellinstance. And is the length from breech face to the beginning of the "throat", that guides the wad and swarm into the barrel.
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I never heard of a 2-1/2" shotshell is this all 12 ga? That"s one of my favorite trithrough questions: How lengthy is 2-3/4" shotgun shell directly out of the box? (A. 2-1/4")How old are these shotguns? If they"re extremely old you might not desire to shoot anything more potent than light 2-3/4" shell.I provided to occupational via a man that had actually an old LC Smith with a Damascus barrel that wasn"t suitable for contemporary shotshells.
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The difference between a Socialist and a Communist is that the Socialist doesn"t have actually all the firearms yet.

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Thanks for the aid males.I picked up a close to perfect H&R 12 gauge version 1900.fantastic form.I was able to feed a fired 2 3/4" shell easily.Will pick up the Winchester 2 3/4" low brass via the low recoil/low power they are roughly 890 push.The second is an old H Pieper 12 gauge double with hammers and the damascus barrels.For its age it is likewise in really great form.I will certainly have to uncover some 2 1/2" low noise /low recoil that some of the older euro shotfirearms and sass shooter usage.trouble is I can not order them and have them shipped to Mass.So I will have my buddy through his FFL order me a couple of boxes. Both of these are beautiful pieces.wonderful shape and also workmanship for cheap old weapons. Just had actually to have actually them,but they will be fired,re-cleaned,and then admired for tbelow simplicity and wonderful condition.