How lengthy does it take because that the frozen test yolk buffer (TYB) come thaw from frozen to room temperature?  around 15-30 minutes.

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The check yolk buffer and ice pack arrived to my donor fully thawed, is mine kit quiet usable? Yes, test yolk buffer refrigeration medium have the right to be totally thawed and also refrozen at the very least once there is no issue. We expect it to thaw en course to her donor; Donor have to pop that (and the ice pack) earlier in the freezer as soon as that arrives.The kit my donor overnighted me arrived, and the sample to be room temperature — will certainly it tho work? Yes, sperm do best at a temperature between 4 levels Celcius (39 degrees F) and room temperature, not also hot, not as well cold.Does test yolk buffer save egg yolk? Yes, every vial includes 20% egg yolk – indigenous USDA certified certain Pathogen free (Virus Free) laying flocks, heat inactivated in ~ 56° C because that 30 minutes. Do not usage if you are allergic to egg yolk.Does check yolk buffer save an antibiotic? Yes, 10µg/mL Gentamicin Sulfate. If you are allergic to comparable antibiotics such as amikacin, kanamycin, neomycin, paromomycin, streptomycin, or tobramycin, you may also be allergy to gentamicin.How lengthy does the test yolk buffer last, does that expire? If maintained in the freezer, test yolk buffer will last until the expiration day on the vial. We buy brand-new batches often, so intend your kit come contain a TYB that will last a few to number of months. Email us if you would favor to know the exact expiration day on the TYB you’ll it is in receiving.How do I understand this really works, are there studies? Unfortunately as of however there is not sufficient interest in the scientific community to conduct evidence-based researches on this an approach of household building. What we recognize is the it works all the time! please feel free to shoot us an email if it works for you, and also include a testimonial if you’d like.You send kits to donors utilizing overnight delivery, what time must my donor intend the kit to arrive? through 8pm. If you’d favor to pay extra to have it arrive earlier in the day, us can try and kinds this. This is not constantly possible, specifically at landscape addresses.My donor stays in one apartment building, will certainly the distribution driver leaving the package in the lobby? that is approximately the shipment driver’s discretion whether or no they leaving a parcel in an apartment lobby. If that doesn’t it seems ~ secure to execute so, they will leave a keep in mind for the donor v instructions on just how to choose up the package in ~ a adjacent FedEx/UPS location. This can result in the package not being obtainable until the next day.Do you need a signature because that delivery?  No, yet if you’d like us to call for a signature, you re welcome let us recognize when you ar your order. We execute not introduce this generally, since if no one is home to sign for it, this can likewise cause distribution delays.My donor lives external the united States, have the right to you delivery internationally? We do not ship internationally, but we are happy to delivery to you, and you deserve to then delivery the kit to her donor yourself. Your goal would be to gain it there as easily as possible (i.e. Overnight shipping) and to store the vial from obtaining hot in the summer months (past customers have used extra ice cream packs or extra insulation product that they acquired on your own.)I wrongly ordered a kit or changed my mind, execute you offer refunds?  We charge a $20 processing fee because that refunds, so girlfriend will obtain your money back, minus $20. Make your orders carefully!I want to perform an intrauterine insemination (IUI) with the sample the my donor ships come me, is this safe? Yes, a trained healthcare experienced (midwife, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, doctor) have the right to “wash” or turn the sample together they generally would come prepare it because that an IUI.

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My midwife would favor to offer me an IUI, however isn’t however trained to wash samples and/or do IUIs. Is there a location you recommend she seek out training? Have her midwife email us and we can connect her with virtual IUI classes/training.