You have to unscrew the shot tube at the end of the barrel.Push the small spring loaded clip Up towards the finish of the shot tube. Friend will watch a small hole the the BB"s fit into.The shot tube holds 50 BB"s. Re-insert the shooting tube into the barrel and also screw it ago in.PS. Make certain the pistol is no calked.Hope this helpsDan.

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Holy Smoke; Heather, BB weapons are not toys, they room in fact dangerous to the uninitiated. Always keep security in mind, never suggest it at a person, carry out not look under the muzzle/barrel opening, and before you shot to pack it do absolutely certain, together my predecessor notified you, that the weapon is no cocked through pulling the create while aiming directly up in the air(if outdoors) and also at a ideal target if indoors. Also, once reinserting the shoot tube right into the barrel shroud execute not force it down, it has to "seat" into a protruding air tube; job-related it gently until it screws tight.Good luck, and also don"t shoot her or anyone elses eye out.
is over there another method to pack one cause it doesn"s have a sping. The is mine dad"s gun and also he has forgot just how to load it, and also knows it has actually all its parts. So who plz helpAnd to the other guy who is informing me weapons arent toys.I recognize they room not toys. But telling me how to fill it, doesn"t typical i to be dumb. I know safety that a gun. Yet i have actually never had a bb gun so i dont know how to load one.
There room multiple models the the Daisy No 25 BB gun; the specimens produced up come the 1970"s have actually a shot ltube that is put into the muzzle that the barrel shroud; if you have actually that design you grasps sthe barrel in your left hand and with the thumb and forefinger master the knurled edge and also turn it respond to clock wise until you can remove the shooting tube. The other models have actually a trap door an equipment on the left side of the barrel about 3 inches down from the muzzle, and all you carry out is press the catch door in and up and also that will enable you to fill the BB-s; now as for the shoot tube, that does have a tang attached to a spring which you draw all the method back towards the top, holding it firmly turn the shot tube around and also you will view a hole in i beg your pardon to push the BB"s into it as much as 50 that them. The trap door loading kind have magazines that can store increase to thousands of BB"s. There is no other way to load a Daisy No 25 pump activity BB gun. If your BB gun go not have the over loading attributes it is no a No 25. Examine the height of the BB total receiver and look for the stamped engraving regarding exactly which kind of BB gun it is, and also record the patent numbers which will certainly be helpful in identify the gun, also, watch if over there are any kind of Register (Reg) or many Numbers and also copy them down also, so the you can relay them come us.

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Heather, I had no on purpose of offending you, but you need to see my suggest of see that if who doesn"t know exactly how to load a BB gun, they may end up being injured in the attempt, due to the fact that it have the right to be awkward trying to occupational the gun and also not really expertise how conveniently it deserve to go off unintended. Ns served two decades in the marine Corps (1953-73) and also have been about firearms because I to be 17, and also still managed recently come shoot myself in the hand through a BB Gun while trying to remove a shooting tube, so it can occur to the finest of us.