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My Uncle"s 2002 E430 was stolen turn off a Church Parking lot just last Sunday. Is that really easy to warm wire a Benz? 2 other Mercedes was also stolen at that very same parking lot in ~ the very same time, according to my Uncle the various other 2 were a 2001 ML430 and also 2001 C230.

Same here, this is actually the first time i heard this and it had actually to occur in my family. Mine Uncle simply kinda laughed around it due to the fact that whoever took his car and also the various other 2 Mercedes in the parking lot obviously had an excellent taste in cars. He stated there was a quite Lexus LS400 parked alongside him through the doors unlocked and a 5 and also 3 collection BMW parked right beside the various other Mercedes yet they never touched them.
Its difficult to hot wire, yet easy to level bed and also tow. The 2002 has actually smart key, which is impossible to crack. Now if it to be purchased used and also the remotes were not marketed with the automobile that is one more story. Pretty much reaching. Part peple leave the car open through the spare remote, in the owners hands-on or trunk.

I"d agree through the flat bed idea. It"s almost impossible come steal a newer merc an other means (unless you have spare tricks or ALOT the time).

There was a Sopranos episode where some crime syndicate took a totality wealthy wedding party"s worth of BMWs/MBs/Porsches, etc... (that had been valeted) away v a couple of car carriers. This likewise brings come mind scenes from "Ghost Dog", wherein he steals "nice" car (incl a W140 coupe) with this computer system code transmitter point that would certainly both unlock the doors and start the auto (a little of a stretch, esp with steering pillar locks, etc...)

I just spoke to mine Uncle yesterday and also until currently his car hasn"t been recovered. And also the various other two Mercedes. Ns did ask that if he had a spare an essential hidden somewhere within the car, his reply was no and also that the would never leave a spare vital inside the car. Provides me wonder now, one of two people the cars to be towed far on a truck bed or this guys can of developed some gadjet come open and start any type of Benzs. I could currently tell the these males were professionals and also not part amateurs since my uncle"s automobile has LoJack and the police could not even track the car.Now every my Uncle"s and also cousins space afraid come take their Mercedes come church. Funny, yesterday (Sunday) at church no one single Mercedes was in the parking lot.
Peter many thanks for her input top top this. Mine Uncle purchased the vehicle brand brand-new and he has actually all the original tricks with the now.
I "know" one guy, that got his 2005 E-class stolen from shopping mall parking lot of (security patrols?).The automobile was equipped through smart key, or every little thing it is called, lo-jack and factory alarm systems. Judging from the fact, that thieves left his cell-phone and also briefcase laying top top the parking, they had actually no troubles with accessing the car.

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How about a 1997 Mercedes or a 1991 190E? room those difficult to steal as well? Funny, one of the reasons I purchase a MB is because it"s difficult to steal.
I did hear a story around people obtaining the VIN of her car, and also going come the dealer and also getting a key. Most MB dealerships wont perform it. There room tow trucks v fingers that go around the behind wheels and also lift them up, and also off we go because the fronts turn. When was the last time you witnessed a tow truck haul far a car, and checked if it to be a legal tow. Regarding a mall who can confirm also if they gain the surname on the door or licese key of the tow truck if they space not fake. Through smart an essential it is impossible, with consistent blade tricks possible. With church goers you have actually a captive audience because that a tiny while
I agree with the postings the MB tricks are extremely daunting to replicate uneven someone"s working with a dealer to gain the codes and "hot-wiring" per se is out of the question. A wheel-snatch & grab seems far more likely together is regularly done through the repo drivers.I"m a little bit surprised the the Lojack system hasn"t pinged- return many civilization don"t stroked nerves to change the battery that powers the maker every 3-5 years and also accordingly, that could explain the failure.Another different is the the automobile has currently been "chopped" and the transmitter uncovered in the disassembly process. The other alternative is the it was stolen indigenous Orange County, stashed in a shipping container and is currently deep in the bowels the a container ship in the Pacific via the harbor of LA in course to the Middle east markets.Perhaps there space some regulation enforcement brethren on the forum from LA or OC that can discuss the recent GTA (grand theft/auto) patterns in the region?Regards-