Did you understand tright here is more than one method to grate cheese? That’s right! Whether you have actually a box grater at house or uncover yourself in need of grated cheese and don’t have actually a grater, we’ve got you spanned on exactly how to grate cheese without a cheese grater!


We Love Shredded Cheese

We all love our shredded cheese! Have you ever realized just how much you usage shredded cheese? Think about it!

We top chilis and soups via shredded cheese. You usage shredded cheese in delicious cheese sauces.

Should I gprice my own cheese or buy keep bought shredded cheese?

No issue what recipe you use shredded cheese in, you are left through a large decision on whether or not to shred your own cheese or buy store bought shredded cheese. Though we additionally use save bought shredded cheese, if we have time, we try to always grate cheese ourselves.

Grating cheese at house leaves you with shredded cheese that has actually no included fillers (which prevent cheese from clumping) and often tends to melt simpler than store bought shredded cheese!

Option 1: Cheese Grater

The many common way to shred cheese at house is to use a cheese grater! When it involves cheese graters, you will generally find two various kinds of cheese graters that are the most common!

What is the dvery own side to a hand organized grater? The just dvery own side to a hand also assist cheese grater is that if you have a recipe that calls for a lot of shredded cheese, you have the right to gain a hand cramp!

However, we still very recommfinish to all cheese lovers to save among these hand also graters on hand also at all times


Option 2: Food Processor

YES, you have the right to usage a food processor to shred your cheese! It is by much our favorite way to grate cheese. Let’s break dvery own just how to shred cheese through a food processor.

How to Shred Cheese in a Food Processor

After you have actually your food processor, next you need to decide what size shred you would choose. Tbelow are generally two shred choices (fine and medium shred) once that come through every food processor. Choose your shred and area your attachment on your food processor. After you have attached your shredding attachment, location the top on your food processor. Tbelow is a feed shoot where you deserve to place food right into the food processor while it is one. Be certain that is open and also prepared for cheese!Next up, prepare THE CHEESE! Chop up a block of cheese right into long rectangles or cubes (depending on the dimension of your food processor).From tbelow rotate your food processor on and closely feed the cheese with the feed shoot making use of the feeding tool to press the cheese down into the food processor.

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here’s a tip!

Be sure that your cheese cube is COLD. It is simpler to shred cheese once it comes directly out of the refrigerator!


Option 3: Zester

If you don’t have actually a cheese grater or a food processor you may have actually a zester! Guess what, that will job-related just fine, too! Zesters usually market a finely shredded cheese alternative, which functions for the majority of recipes!

A zester works just like a hand also grater! Gprice and also go, people!


Option 4: Knife + Chopping (choose carrot sticks)

If you don’t have a cheese grater, food processor, or zester don’t loose hope! You still have actually one last option! Hopecompletely you have actually a sharp knife at residence. You deserve to create a shred choose consistency using a sharp knife!

To make shreds through a knife, grab a cold cheese block and reduced a thin slice of cheese from the block.

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Next, take that slice of cheese and chop it into thin matchsticks (like matchstick carrots). Repeat till you end up via as a lot shredded cheese as you need!