Millions of people have logged right into to play club Penguin again and also one that the burning questions is just how do you gain a jackhammer to dig for coins.

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With self-isolation and also the worldwide lockdown in complete effect, club Penguin is experience something the a resurgence.

People approximately the people are logging ago into, or creating new accounts, to play the Disney standard that was supposedly shut under in 2017.

Club Penguin – just how to gain your Puffle to dig

However, the game has to be relaunched to aid people through what is a tough duration of 2020 therefore far. Club Penguin offers world the opportunity to socialise, and keeping them occupied with some fun-filled in-game activities.


Club Penguin logo (Wikipedia Commons)

The thing of the video game is to complete challenges, watch after your Puffle, and collect items and also coins v the game.

One the the finest ways to build your coin repertoire is by digging or mining for them. However to do this, you have to use a jackhammer to dig into the ground.

It’s other that’s left a lot of of human being searching because that answers. Provided that, we’ve played the game out to watch just exactly how you can acquire your hand on the jackhammer.

How to gain a jackhammer in society Penguin

One of the easiest methods to acquire a jackhammer is to head end the mine. When you space here, girlfriend simply go into the mine, then go to the bottom right corner to head come the destruction pit.

In here, you have to see a totality host of fellow penguins digging far in the center of the screen. To join them, just walk come the collection of hats.

Club Penguin – just how to walk her Puffle 

Once you’ve taken a hard hat, you have to put it on. You additionally need come remove any type of other item of clothing you have actually one. Having done this and also put the cap on, you can head right into what looks choose a mud pit with the other penguins.

You’ll then see your penguin actions symbol light up green. Click this, climate click the run icon, and also your penguin will dig far to uncover coins.


Screenshot: club Penguin

You have the right to keep law this until you’re pretty much bored of doing so. You can additionally dance through the helmet on exterior of the dirt pit however you’ll discover nothing.

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Finally, you can additionally wear a eco-friendly hard hat when digging because that trees. This will, girlfriend guessed it, let girlfriend dig v a eco-friendly jackhammer.