(My girl love to exercise sliding!)Sliding practice is conveniently the many overlooked soft ball skill. Let’s face it, every practice contains throwing, catching, grounders and probably hitting. Yet how often does your team practice sliding?

The an obstacle is that most practice areas are not very conducive come sliding. The ground is probably hard and much more than likely your girl wore shorts and also don’t desire to scrape up their legs. Make every one of the excuses friend want.

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If girlfriend don’t practice sliding, it will expense you outs, runs, and also WINS.

How plenty of times have actually you yelled SLIDE, just to have the player come in stand up and get tagged out? i know how this theatre out: the coach yells “SLIDE”, the player stands up and is tagged out, the coach think “okay, don’t yell” counts come 10 to patience down, then yells, “WHY no YOU SLIDE???!!!” I’ve been there and also done that. Us all have. Just remember, if girlfriend didn’t practice it how deserve to you expect them come know how to carry out it


The basics:

1. Don"t sluggish Down!

2. Throw your legs towards the base

3. Skinny back

4. Legs should be in a figure four place with the within leg (depending ~ above which method the ball is coming from) bend 90 degrees and also tucked under the external leg.

5. Both arms should be thrown end the head like a soccer referee signaling Touchdown to prevent sliding on a hand or gaining a hand stepped on.

6. Typically, slide in the direction of the external of the bag. Typically the fielder will certainly take away the inside place on the base.

7. As the players foot hits the bag, and her momentum carries her forward, have her pop as much as a standing position on top of the base. That way she is ready to continue running in instance of one errant throw.

A couple of ways to exercise sliding encompass utilizing a “slip-n-slide” or obtaining a large card board box and also laying the flat. Both will work-related although they no my favorite methods. As you look in ~ the pictures, you will keep in mind that we make use of a sliding mat. That a large piece of foam extended by vinyl v a separate piece of material on peak that in reality slides throughout the vinyl.


It’s a small expensive at $299.00 but it’s a an excellent softball tool. Generally, early on in the season we practice sliding in ~ every practice and then rest it the end as required throughout the season. What ns really like, is the it is perfect for a drills based practice.

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You can put the just about anywhere and have the be among the train station the girls revolve through. As you have the right to see by the smiles on your faces, our players have a good time sliding, and also they have actually overcome their fears that hurling your bodies come the ground.

Whether you use a sliding mat or a cardboard box, just know the they need to practice this ability on a reasonably routine basis. Otherwise, you will do it be counting to 10 and yelling “Why no You SLIDE?