Are friend uber curious on exactly how to acquire married, get a boyfriend, have babies or to buy a home on IMVU? obtain ready to take some notes.

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How do You acquire Married In IMVU

Many that you have probably searched anywhere the internet trying to number out exactly how you acquire married top top this ever before so well-known game. Well, we’ve obtained the answers you room looking for!

You created your avatar, invested time making brand-new many friends and having conversations with others. Now you want to celebrate this relationships and also get married! The IMVU marriage Package is the method for avatars to commit v each other in marriage.

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One avatar have the right to propose to another and start plan the many amazing wedding. Once you have actually tied the knot, her profiles will be linked along with your married status displayed on both of her profile cards. You deserve to send personalized announcements concerning your union to your family and also friends ~ above IMVU.

You will quickly have accessibility to a new room: “Our Room” which will be included to your already existing “My Room”. Together a couple, you can decorate this brand-new room, invite her friends come your new home and decide if you desire this new room to be her public room or store it private.


How carry out I gain The marital relationship Package?

First off, you need to be 18 year or older and also can purchase the package in the credit Store. You could want to take benefit of the 50% discount the is walking on right now and keep it until you discover your future partner.

What Is consisted of In This Package?

As the buyer, you may propose to your partner and also if your companion accepts, climate it’s official! You will certainly both obtain a name adjust token along with a surname registration. Friend will have the ability to send special wedding announcements to anyone of your friends all at once.


You will likewise receive a badge to screen on your personal profile. It will say: “Married to Avatar Name” and also will connect to every others avatar. Your avatar name will certainly be her partner’s name. The most interesting thing around this parcel is the new feature “Our Room”. You deserve to decorate the room along with items each of friend have built up and make it a very special room indeed!


Can anyone Buy The Package?

If you room not 18 year old, you can’t.

If the person you propose to is not interested or says No, just keep your package stowed away until you find one more partner.

Before friend can get married you need to uncover a boy/girlfriend first! an initial off, do yourself look really sexy and hot! walk to the “Find People” area, placed in her gender, single, are below to date and the age selection you desire to remain in.


Once you find someone girlfriend like, add them to your list the friends. Invite them to chat v you and also start talking about your interests and what you have actually in common. At some point, just ask if lock would like to be her boyfriend or girlfriend or would certainly you prefer to go on a date!

About The ours Room Features

Once you are married, her Our Room will come completely furnished come use. Friend can readjust the room still you choose with items both the you have actually collected. Just select the step or Furniture devices on the bottom device bar come switch things around. Again, the our Room is second room only accessible to couples who purchase the marriage Package.

Please enter the url to a YouTube video.As a Couple, execute You Share your Inventories?

All inventories will stay separate and also stay just in your individual account. You deserve to place items such together furniture from every others collections, but individual items belong come which ever before one owned the items to start with.

About The Name readjust Token

This become accessible to both of friend upon getting married. You perform not have to readjust your name(s) if you choose not to. This token is yours to store if you acquire a divorce.

How carry out your get Pregnant ~ above IMVU?

First and foremost, you should share this information with your partner first! It’s really pretty basic once you get on the appropriate track, below will offer you every the info you require to have a baby:


Once signed in, click on the shop switch to see all the various items you can purchase much more credits. Girlfriend will view a “search box” ~ above the right hand next of the page.Type in words “Pregnant” and press enter. You will certainly then see a perform of items in ~ the pregnant category. Friend can select from a range of large baby bellies to her liking. If you execute not have sufficient credits, you might not have the ability to choose just what you want. Need more credits? you can gain more free credits by acquisition a look at the complimentary IMVU credit Hack.

Now it’s time to choose out garments to wear. Obviously, her other garments are going to come to be too tiny or tight.

Although it’s quiet virtual, you will continue to be pregnant because that the whole nine month period.

What If I desire A Divorce?

As a couple, you need to be married for an entire day before being permitted to obtain a divorce. It’s totally cost-free to couples and also you can find the attach for gaining a divorce on the “Marriage Page”. It’s down on the bottom the the page saying something like “It’s no working?” Either among you can procedure the divorce without the various other party’s acknowledgment.

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Understand, when you space divorced the “Our Room” function will not be easily accessible to either of you. If the room to be made public, the party that made it public will have actually the room in your name. Any kind of items inserted in the room by the various other partner will have the items removed and also returned come them.


Well over there you go! You have gone from date to getting married to having actually a baby to acquiring a divorce! Who stated virtual can’t be favor real life!