One that the things we artists talk around a lot is what is the thing that is hardest to draw for each of us. But after having actually this conversation therefore much, I determined to compose down all opinions and also find the winner because that the hardest thing to draw. So, those the answer?

Many artists consider hands room the hardest thing to attract due to all their feasible positions and details. Illustration hands gift a hard difficulty to artists because many lack experience act it, making mistakes more common. 

But the reasons why they room so daunting to attract is what is interesting. I will share the remainder of the hardest things to attract after the reasons! 

What makes It So tough To Draw?

Drawing a hand is difficult for three key reasons: what we think we know, experience and complexity. 

What we think we know: Having such continuous contact v our hands should, in theory, make hands easy to draw, however that’s not what the mind does when it has actually such a close relationship with an object. See, our brains don’t pay fist to the details however see points as a whole because that’s many efficient, so the mental photos of any object friend think girlfriend know very well are actually very vague. If you walk ahead and try to draw a hand native memory, the drawing result will it is in the mental photo you have actually of her hands. Uneven you have dedicated a lot of time to illustration hands, the result will it is in a illustration that each other a hand, but one that is not very accurate come reality. Experience. Usually, many beginning drawing artists begin to draw with faces and also all that comes with it, and hands aren’t generally what you master in the very first place, therefore you have actually zero experience doing it as soon as it pertains to drawing them. And it’s normal; hands may not it is in the most amazing thing to attract when you’re just starting. But the problem is that as soon as you require to add them to your drawings, the task will be quite complicated. Complexity. One would certainly think hands are easy to draw due to the fact that of just how they look till you shot to attract them. Hands space very complex objects and also have millions of variations depending on the hands’ position, suggest of view, size/length, and also even weight. Come master exactly how to attract hands correctly, you should study them a lot. The course, girlfriend can additionally get very good at illustration from reference, and also in that case, you will certainly probably have the ability to draw everything hand is in prior of you or any kind of other thing at all. Yet that’s getting good at drawing in general. 

Insider Tips: 1- To draw hands, particularly if she a beginner artist, take into consideration forgetting everything you know around them and focus on what you see, not what friend know. An excellent exercise for gaining your brain focused on illustration what the sees is to turn the drawing reference upside down and then attract it. I know it’s weird, yet trust me. 2- begin easy, choose the most basic hand you discover on the internet and draw that one. Boost the level regular and be patient. Illustration is a skill that anybody can learn! 

List that The Top 10 Hardest points To Draw

As promised, here’s the complete list that the hardest things to draw, according to the 128 artists ns asked. 

1. Hands


Little priceless instruments, can’t even draw themselves easily. Forty-one people think this is the hardest thing to draw.

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2. Faces


This one was in reality pretty close to being the an initial one, and also I deserve to see why, due to the fact that I think about faces are much more complicated to attract than hands. Thirty-four people think this is the hardest thing to draw.

3. Hair


Ugh, particularly when you uncover that person with the crazy/fantastic hairstyle. Why can’t everybody simply go bald? That’s easier to draw. Seventeen people think this is the hardest thing to draw. 

4. The other Eye

This to be done on purpose! Hahaha

Common joke amongst drawing artists: i can draw anything other than the other eye. Yeah, sometimes you can mess up with the proportions. Ten people think this is the hardest thing to draw. 

5. Horses 


Beautiful animals, challenging to draw. Particularly their legs, and also when your drawing reference is a black color horse. Seven people think this is the hardest point to draw. 

6. Yourself

Self Portrait the Vicent valve Gogh

Think you know yourself? Think twice! drawing yourself is incredibly an overwhelming because that is much easier for you to watch all the distinctions or mistakes, and also that stays clear of you from relocating forward quickly. Six people think this is the hardest point to draw. 

7. Vehicles


And we’re simply talking about the external of a vehicle. The technical drawings of vehicles from the within are very challenging. Five people think this is the hardest thing to draw. 

8. Water 

By Paul-Shanghai

Especially the lighting, water on peak of surfaces, prefer faces, have the right to be also harder to draw. Four people think this is the hardest thing to draw. 

9. Skulls


Skulls can be daunting when you start to attract them from different perspectives. Three people think this is the hardest point to draw.

10. Alligators


I imagine they deserve to be really hard to draw. Still, this is one unexpected means to finish the list. Yet that’s what she told me was the hardest thing to draw for she at the moment. One person think this is the hardest thing to draw. 

In general, what’s The Most difficult Style to Draw?

We started by saying hands space the hardest point to draw, but that’s the renowned opinion! Those main reasons we stated for hands can apply to any type of other facility drawing. And also what is considered the most facility drawing format is realism. Drawing people’s faces, bodies, hair, animals, vehicles, amongst others, in a realistic way, deserve to be equally complicated, especially if you like freehand drawing. That is since reality doesn’t have actually lines, and although we might not it is in very good at illustration naturally, we grow at identifying as soon as something doesn’t look right. 

First, girlfriend will more than likely have troubles drawing hands, yet once you grasp it, you will discover the next difficulty shortly. However, girlfriend will ultimately reach a suggest where your drawing an abilities are so great that friend will be able to draw almost anything, no matter how facility it might be—practice, practice, practice. 

Is over there Anything difficult To Draw?

I check out this in two different ways. If I can see that or is a mix of whatever numerous things I have the right to see, the is possible to attract anything. Yet if we go into the kingdom of concepts, ns don’t know exactly how likely it would be to attract a human in sixteen various dimensions. Because no one knows just how a universe prefer that would certainly look like, any drawing can case to be a human being in sixteen different dimensions in theory. 

I would say the some points are difficult to draw from an target position, choose that ide right there.

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Things I taken into consideration Are really Hard come Draw

For me, the hardest things to draw are objects the include plenty of light reflections, prefer a reality transparent plastic in former of a who face. To traction a illustration like that out, you need to be very skilled at shading.

I mostly draw manga, and I don’t consider it that tough for me anymore. However now the I began to explore an ext realistic drawings like the one below, I see there’s still lot to cover. 


As I stated in the list, drawing realistic encounters has been an extremely hard because that me. I would’ve assumed that drawing a real face would not current such a big challenge because ns can attract anime faces correctly, yet it transforms out that the layouts are extremely different. In general, realism is what I think about the most an overwhelming to draw, mainly because I focused on manga the most. 

What perform You Think Is The Hardest point To Draw?

It’s constantly really interesting to understand what people struggle with when drawing and how someone might just have actually the right guideline for you. I would certainly love to recognize what you think is the hardest point to attract to enhance the list above. Maybe I can help you through the perfect tip! Share her ideas and comments below.