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Open the keep while in the residence you desire to eliminate the wall. Climate tap Rooms. Madness in the middle of the room you want to remove and then tap in the red squiggly with the price tag. This will remove the whole room even the furnisher and floors, windows, etc. I don"t understand if the will but it in your inventory so you might want to put w.e. Items you desire to save in one more room or put it in your inventory. The price will reduce the precious of your city also. To prevent this, you might want to include a small room first and then resize the by relocating the wall surface that was when exterior. Climate you can include a door or an open up doorway.

I to be trying to number out exactly how to remove one wall, not a entirety room. I desire to do a room that has actually a different shape various other than a square or rectangle. Can this be done?

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