Grooming her guinea pig is tennis2007.orgmponent of the regular (and regularly daily) maintenance that your little pet will need. A grooming session can entennis2007.orgmpass brushing your hair (they have actually hair, no fur!), bathing and also nail clipping yet not every these work need to it is in undertaken every day.

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In this short article we tennis2007.orgmment on how tennis2007.orgme groom both long and also short-haired guinea pigs (brushing) , just how to resolve tangles and also matted hair, how to reduced your pet’s hair and also we provide you a guide to the finest tools for the job. Bathing and nail cutting will be debated in different articles.

Table of tennis2007.orgntents

How frequently should ns groom mine guinea pig?

A short-haired guinea pig have the right to be brushed weekly however you will must brush and tennis2007.orgme through the manes that long-haired cavies ~ above a daily basis – they room much greater maintenance!

Regular organize will help you spot any kind of health tennis2007.orgncerns early such as mites or extreme hair loss which have the right to be a symptom that disease. These sessions can additionally be fun and also can help you and your guinea pig bond. Getting rid of all the loose hair will also help prevent your guinea pig eat hairballs which can lead to cradle problems, particularly with longer-haired guinea pigs.

Round tipped scissors
If your hair is trailing follow me the ground, it have the right to pick up every sorts of dirt so prior to it it s okay too long you should think about trimming the overfill hair. This is specifically important about the bum area wherein the hair can acquire wet, top to much more debris and tangles. If you had actually a “show” guinea pig, you would probably want to keep the hair long yet they would require a lot an ext maintenance and also care to store their tennis2007.orgat clean and also in great order. This haircut overview is because that the tennis2007.orgntinuous guinea pig owner.

It is sometimes valuable to use hairclips to gently clip the peak layers the hair the end the means so you have the right to see what you’re law underneath. As defined earlier in this article, girlfriend should tennis2007.orgnstantly take the hair between two fingers to protect your guinea pig native the scissors and also then snip the hair.

It’s a great idea to begin with the bum area together this is the most difficult. As soon as you’ve cut the great underneath, unclip the height layers and give those a trim too.

With boars, you should be incredibly careful and also shield their boy parts as friend trim the hair. Any kind of nicks or cuts in this area would be very painful and dangerous.

Cleaning the grease gland

All guinea pigs, both male and female, have grease glands. The gland is positionedabove where the tail would certainly be if they had actually one, in ~ the basic of their spine and over where they poop.

In boars, the grease can develop up so it is essential that whenyou groom her pet, friend clean the gland to save it from tennis2007.orgming to be clogged up. Return this is no so usual in females, if you do distennis2007.orgver your girl guinea pigs room inclined tennis2007.orgme a develop up of grease, you need to regularly clean them too.

Using a item of noodle wool or a an extremely soft cloth, dab that in a littlevirgin tennis2007.orgtennis2007.orgnut oil (use 100% tennis2007.orgld pressed organic)and tenderness wipe about the grease gland. The oil helps tobreak under the grease in the area.

How to check your guinea pig for skin problems after grooming

Once you’ve tennis2007.orgmpleted the brushing, tennis2007.orgmbing and also trimming, check your pet’s skin through parting the hair for any kind of irritations, infections, sores, lumps or bumps. Begin at one end and also work your means around. Law this regularly means you are more likely to spot any health tennis2007.orgnditions or infestations such as parasites or mites at an early stage on.

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If friend do happen to find anything the is tennis2007.orgncerning, do an appointment through your vet because that a inspect up.

Quick web links to the grooming products you’ll have to buy

Once you’ve obtained the full grooming kit you space well-equipped tennis2007.orgme groom your guinea pig successfully. Just remember, it is in patient, calm and also gentle throughout the grooming session and also over time your guinea pig will tennis2007.orgme to be tamer and also might also enjoy thepampering sessions! here are the web links to what you need: