How to breed Solstice Dragon
The brand-new Solstice Dragon was sindicate released for DragonVale and also that we have tested and also functioned with this mix to help you breed this cool brand-new Solstice Dragon. This breeding combicountry was posted especially on our Solstice Dragon web page other than for those that haven"t checked out it then we’re below to indevelop the world – and eexceptionally one our fans at DragonValeApp.com.Breeding the Solstice Dragon isn"t any trick, it"s just 1 of the great dragon ever released for DragonVale, a 2 headed dragon? Who will certainly beat that? particularly once it’s burning with some incredibly nice flames too!To breed the Solstice Dragon you need to perceive that it"s really twenty 4 hours as a result of .5 is rounded up. Some players expect it’s twenty 3.5 as an outcome of it claims that within the description yet not within the reproduction process! The egg has actually 2 suns and also is red/blue hence if you"re keen on those egg decorations then the Solstice Dragon is unquestionably the egg you wish for your collection! the mix for the Solstice Dragon can be a blazing dragon on the left and a mud dragon on the appropriate yet understand that possibilities of obtaining this cool dragon is semi-rare which suggests you may conjointly acquire different dragons.If you don’t acquire the Solstice Dragon then take care to continue to be up up to currently via us as we have a propensity to carry out you via never before before seen techniques to increase your odds and also quite probably secrets which might also boost your game on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!DragonValepicturs of dragons from dragonvaledragons vale pearl dragondragonvale pearl pedestalrainbow egg on pedestal dragonvalelichen and also crystal dragon dragonvaledragonvale butterfly dragon lv twentydragonvale bone eggdragonvale sandstorm dragon lv twentyadult quicksilver dragon dragonvalefur eliseYou have to breed an earth/earth hybrid dragon via a Blazing dragon at the breeding cave/island/sanctuary. i think that the a lot of effective combination is Blazing + Mud, as an outcome of you"ll obtain either rainbow or panlong through this combo, smart luck :)Solstice Dragon Breeding Guide“Twice each year, cshed to the longest and also shortest days of the year, the Solstice Dragons start of hiding. Their arrival – at the side of lighting of the Sun Stones of Surya – signals the start of grand also festivals throughout many of the land also.

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as a result of it"s 2 heads, one favoring summer, the opposite winter, the Solstice Dragon is kind of repetitively of 2 minds on any type of issue. Despite this dispute, most dragon specialists take solace within the concept that 2 heads are greater than one..”Dragonvale Solstice Solstice Dragon Breeding GuideAvailable Level fourteenHabitat SunIncubation Time twenty three.5 hoursBreeding Time twenty 3.5 hours18 hours forty eight minutesHopeful NoneNegative NoneBuying value two,250Selling worth 2,000,000Reward one hundred,000 XPSolstice Dragon Breeding Combination:Baby SolsticeDragon Solstice Dragon Breeding GuideTo Breed a Solstice Dragon, you"d must use the succeeding combos embrace Blazing and also dirt and also Blazing and Planet.Solstice Dragon might even more be bred making use of Sun and also Solstice Dragon.Blazing Dragon + Mud Dragon = Solstice DragonBlazing Dragon + Earth Dragon = Solstice Dragon