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I have a CV740S Kohler engine in mine DGT6000. Ns was told the valve adjustment is a regime maintenance procedure. The following link is a youtube video that mirrors you how to readjust a Briggs & Stratton engine. Http:// to be wondering for those of you that have actually Kohler Command engines, do you regular adjust your valves and also if so, is it comparable to this youtube video for a Briggs engine.If you have instructions because that valve adjustment because that this engine, pdf paper or other, might you happen them on to me?Thanks, MR

their is no valve adjustment on a command.....The lifters are hydrolic and also keep the tension...If the rocker stud is tight, valves are set right then....
Way to many sears and attachments come honestly try and list! also have part cubs I’ve collected and also pull.

their is a succession to install the rocker therefore the lifter collapses right and also doesnt bending the press rods(found that the end the difficult way!) dont remember what it is off the optimal of mine head..its in the kohler book though...

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Way to plenty of sears and also attachments to honestly try and list! even have some cubs I’ve accumulated and also pull.
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