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I don’t recognize if you are prefer me, yet my first question the day i walked ~ above a field was how rapid do paintballs shoot? ns think a lot of my concern was that it was going come hurt like being hit v something an extremely hard, I have the right to say the it was really mentally taxing at the time but I to be so glad ns took the moment to play.How countless FPS have the right to a Paintball total Shoot? Most paintball markers will fire in ~ 280 fps, or feet per second, as this is the typical field border for the security of players. Numerous markers have the right to fire up to 300+ fps once not completely dialed in. To test this speed the ar uses a chronograph, a device that reads the rate the round leaves the barrel.Now the you know what FPS is around and exactly how it is managed at the field we can dig into some an ext of the details approximately measuring speed and also adjusting the FPS top top a marker.We will likewise explain just how trying come shoot with an ext FPS is almost certainly less useful to the all at once accuracy and also why you want to Chrono correctly.
How do You measure up FPS on A Paintball Marker?You FPS speed Can adjust Based on WeatherHow execute You change the FPS ~ above a Paintball Marker?Use of a Regulator because that VelocityDoes an ext FPS make My Marker more Accurate?Final ThoughtsBest mite By Price PointOur encourage Equipment

How carry out You measure FPS ~ above A Paintball Marker?

Whenever someone brings a marker from turn off the field, or in various other words, a an individual marker they need to examine the firing speed. This is excellent on a component of the field setup through a chronograph, the function is to ensure the the mite fires at the regulated rate the field requires.When friend Chrono your an individual marker girlfriend will bring it come this ar area and also lay it over the measurement device. As soon as you fire the marker there will be a readout ~ above their display screen showing the speed of the paintball.If this speed reads also low or as well high girlfriend will require to adjust your mite to get to the exactly speed. Then you will need to test fire again to watch if your changes were enough to gain you come the threshold, over time you will know exactly how to adjust this by second nature.

You FPS rate Can readjust Based top top Weather

One thing new players don’t know is the weather deserve to play destruction on your in its entirety FPS and pressure settings. When the temperature is cold CO2 performs much less well and is much much less efficient, this means the marker might underperform and also need adjustment.When you play with CO2 you need to make sure you Chrono often, it is my main problem with CO2. This is why once you Chrono using CO2 in the morning, specifically like through my Texas heat, friend should set the FPS at or about 240-250 because you’ll hit the border of 280 as the day warms.The distinction in FPS between a cold tank and a warm tank could very well it is in 30fps as much as 100fps!!When the temperature is also high then you can get problems with firing rate being untrue also. Though her CO2 tends to last longer so you must get much more shots overall in a single fill.If you want to read an ext here around CO2 versus compressed air in my post.

How do You readjust the FPS top top a Paintball Marker?

The way you readjust the velocity on a paintball mite is generally pretty straight forward, your marker should have come with steps specific to your model. Now I am going to cover the generic way which should work on most markers.You will want to do the adjustment on your paintball marker itself, for many markers over there is an mediate screw somewhere on the side that is particularly to readjust the velocity and also FPS.When you turn this convey screw on your marker clockwise the lowers (or limits) the circulation of gas right into the mite which causes the FPS rate to drop. Have to you revolve the mediate screw counter-clockwise this will boost the circulation of gas i m sorry will increase the FPS of her paintballs.There room also additional methods, depending on your marker and also setup, to adjust your velocity. Some markers will certainly feature adjustable bolts which can be supplied to regulate the gas flow.These bolts likewise can come in a huge variety the offer constraints to air-flow, if you have a marker and also budget the would support this it might be precious investigating various bolts to uncover the finest match for her paintball marker.

Use of a Regulator because that Velocity

Another alternative which might be available is that the environment of a regulator onto her paintball marker. These devices basically affix by screwing straight onto her marker and permits for supervisor fast method to adjust your velocity while on the go.Unlike many the other velocity adjusters this might be a part of your tank already so it is worth looking into, this will certainly look choose a gauge which mirrors you on a screen how much pressure is being put right into your marker. These space typically adjustable right ~ above the tank itself through collection screws, these space to limit changes while in the ar of play.Due come this all adjustments to it is in made on a regulator before or after matches and aren’t miscellaneous that deserve to be done without tools in most cases.

Does much more FPS make My Marker more Accurate?

Firing in ~ a greater FPS must help the marker be much more accurate right? increasing the feet per second that your marker fires might sound choose it could aid you hit her targets in ~ a further distance, unfortunately, this is simply not the case for genuine play.When you boost the firing strength the paintballs themselves have tendency to come the end with less accuracy. This is because of paintballs themselves gift a gel-based substance instead of a an ext solid material.Additionally, too lot velocity (fps) or too little can reason paintballs come break within the marker.


This enables the sphere to change shape and also these small deviations as soon as traveling with the air can reason the balls come spin off in an extremely random feeling directions. This will reason you to have poor accuracy and impact your ability to continue to be in the game and also to take it out opponents in the game.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully you have actually learned part awesome information around how girlfriend can regulate FPS on her paintball marker. Also you now know why firing at a quicker FPS won’t necessarily give you far better results in your games and also matches.If girlfriend are new to the game then ns would indicate taking a look in ~ what friend should bring in your paintball gear bag, and learn around the more common or standard ar rules.

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