Chris Young rapid Info
Height6 ft 4 in
Weight85 kg
Date the BirthJune 12, 1985
Zodiac SignGemini
Eye ColorGreen

Chris Young is an American singer and songwriter that had concerned prominence in 2006 after winning the 4th season of the fact TV to sing competition routine Nashville Star. The win had actually earned him a contract through the record label RCA Nashville through which he had actually released his self-titled debut solo studio album later that year. He has actually gone to release several various other studio albums consisting of The male I want to Be (2009), Neon (2011), A.M.

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(2013), I’m Comin’ Over (2015), It need to Be Christmas (2016), Losing Sleep (2017), and Raised ~ above Country (2021). In 2017, the had become a member the the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly American nation music phase concert in Nashville, Tennessee. Member in the show, which honors country music, that is history, and modern chart-toppers, is considered one the the crowning achievements in nation music.

Born Name

Christopher Alan Young

Nick Name


Chris Young as viewed in one Instagram post in January 2021 (Chris Young / Instagram)

Chris Young Facts

Inspired through his grandfather Richard Yates, chris had developed an interest in music from a an extremely young age. He provided to song in his high college choir and would likewise perform at regional clubs around the very same time. He also used to participate in number of school/local theater productions.In 2000, aged 15, he had actually performed, as a mariachi singer, in a play titled A Night in ~ the Palladium, with his high school team known together Winter Drumline. The group had contended in the Winter Guard global Tournament in Ohio later on that year.3 year later, he was a national YoungArts winner and also a Presidential Scholar the the Arts. He started touring after ~ his high school graduation and also would execute at an ext than 150 mirrors a year.In respectable 2013, while traveling because that a present in Montana, he had gone into septic shock native a reduced on his foot which had become infected. He to be admitted come a hospital in Denver, Colorado, and also underwent surgical treatment to act the infection.

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Although his mobility was impacted by the surgery, he had resumed touring later that month.In June 2014, he had to cancel a performance at the CMA Music Festival, an yearly 4-day country music festival hosted each June by the Country Music Association (CMA) in Nashville, Tennessee, ~ he had accidentally reduced his left hand v a kitchen knife. The injury had forced surgery come reconnect tendons in his hand.In October 2018, ~ a fan got to out to him, he had donated USD 5k come a GoFundMe web page to pay for the cataract surgical treatment for a dog named Granola.

Featured picture by chris Young / Instagram