Is there anyone else out there who has a job at the age of 14 or 15 and get a regular paycheck?? what is your job and what do you do??


I begged my parents to let me work at 13/14. they told if I could find a job that would hire me they would let me. friend of family owned a Greek diner and asked me to work as a dish guy/grounds keeping and maintenance. 11 years later I'm now making a career out of cooking and slowly moving up the food chain.

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I do miss the under the table pay though. I was rolling in 200 a week for 30 hours of work a week.

these guys are replying to my post saying I'm full of s**t and that you can only have a job in the US if you're 16 and I replied that I know kids who work in landscaping who are 14, 15 years old. they say it's against the law but the state also has 14, 15 year old trouble makers who get in trouble with the law clean trash on the sides of highways and that's more dangerous than dishwashing.

I was working at 15. Doing volunteer work to get work experience at 14.

Not as a dishwasher but working.

I worked part time as a dishwasher at 14, nice having the extra spending money and learning to manage money a bit better

Thank you, these post help prove to people that I'm not lying, some people think I'm making this stuff up because my boss has me waiting tables now. They don't serve beer at my place, and they think no 14 or 15 year old is allowed to wait tables or use chemicals legally or have a job legally for that matter. Dishwashing is more dangerous than waiting tables so how could I do one and not the other?.

thanks again

My first job at 15 was washing dishes at a Greek diner as well, I stayed for almost 4 years. I'd only work weekends but I'd still manage to cram in approximately 15-20 hours. $300+ paychecks rolling in every other week was absolutely golden.

he can't stand the fact he was wrong. keep m coming yall lets here from you all, if you live in the US and get paychecks and taxes back from the STATE, lets here it.

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I'm 16 and wash dishes every other weekend. It's boring work, but when you get into a "zone" time can fly incredebly quickly, like, i clock in at 10am, start washing, get into a zone where washing the dishes goes smoothly, and suddenly 4 hours have passed and they want my help packing food or making mise en place in the kitchen. Overall it's a good job if you're ok with repetetive work.