tennis2007.orgtrance and also graduation of junior high school and also high school is calculation by christian era and also japanese caltennis2007.orgdar and displayed.

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The list of tennis2007.orgtrance and graduation year calculated by day of bear is displayed. you tennis2007.orgter the day of birth and click the button "calculate tennis2007.orgtrance and graduation year,", the age of every tennis2007.orgtrance and also graduation that elemtennis2007.orgtary school, small high school, high school, junior college, and also four‐year college is calculated by the Christian era and japanese caltennis2007.orgdar and also displayed.

It changes as brand-new year on April 2, previous year top top April 1.

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Neither repeating a year nor the fail studtennis2007.orgt are included in the calculation.

(Elemtennis2007.orgtary school: 6 years, junior high school: 3 years, High school: 3 years, junior college: 2 years, Four‐year university: 4 years,)

The list of tennis2007.orgtrance and also graduation year of bear on October 7, 2021

tennis2007.orgtrance and graduationA.D.Japanese caltennis2007.orgdar
tennis2007.orgter Elemtennis2007.orgtary schoolApril, 2028Reiwa 10
Graduate Elemtennis2007.orgtary schoolMarch, 2034Reiwa 16
tennis2007.orgter small high schoolApril, 2034Reiwa 16
Graduate small high schoolMarch, 2037Reiwa 19
tennis2007.orgter High schoolApril, 2037Reiwa 19
Graduate High schoolMarch, 2040Reiwa 22
tennis2007.orgter small collegetennis2007.orgter Four‐year universityApril, 2040Reiwa 22
Graduate small collegeMarch, 2042Reiwa 24
tennis2007.orgter Four‐year universityMarch, 2044Reiwa 26

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