The jalapeno pepper, with a SHU between 2500 and also 8000 is one of the many popular and commonly used peppers and also is offered in many cuisines all over the world.

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Jalapeno peppers deserve to be supplied when environment-friendly or red and also both types are the same. Yet what if you find jalapeno peppers are simply too warm for you? Or maybe you want something hotter? space there other peppers that deserve to be offered instead?

Yes! you deserve to substitute jalapeno peppers v Serrano Pepper, Fresno Pepper, Anaheim Pepper, Bell Peppers, Cayenne Pepper Powder, smoked Paprika Powder, warm Sauce, Cubanelle Peppers, Banana Pepper, and Pepperoncini.

On our perform of feasible alternatives, you’ll discover spicy options that are even hotter than jalapenos, but likewise milder alternatives for as soon as you room not in the mood because that spicy food.

Substitutes for Jalapeno Peppers

There are plenty of different arrays of peppers that deserve to be used instead of jalapeno peppers. We have said a few options because that you below, to help you decide which pepper suits friend best.

1. Serrano Pepper


Also well-known as yellow wax pepper, banana peppers are another great substitute because that jalapeno peppers. They are medium in size and have a mild, tangy taste. They space usually yellow, yet you may also find green, red, or also orange ones.

In terms of heat, they can be anything native 0 to 500 SHU top top the scale, which provides them less spicey than jalapenos. Usage them in recipes where you nothing want much heat.

10. Pepperoncini

The critical peppers ~ above our perform of suitable replacements space the pepperoncini peppers. Castle are likewise quite mild, and also on the range they vary from 100-600 SHU, i beg your pardon is less than jalapenos. Typically, they are offered in the US, but they are additionally known together Tuscan Peppers and used in Italian cuisine.

You deserve to easily find them fresh in markets, or pickled in jars (which will last longer than new peppers). Substitute because that jalapenos when you aren’t trying to find too much heat.

Related questions:

Can you usage red pepper flakes rather of new jalapeno peppers?

Of course! If you are out of fresh jalapeno, red pepper flakes have the right to do the job. Save in mind the they are a many spicier than jalapenos, so perform not overuse!

Can ns substitute warm sauce because that jalapeno peppers?

Hot sauce deserve to be a really suitable substitute because that jalapeno peppers. Simply take your choose on the warm scale and add it to her cooking.

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Can friend substitute eco-friendly chilies because that jalapeno peppers?

There is no difference between the two, for this reason they deserve to be used as a substitute for each other. However, be mindful that jalapenos room hotter and green chilies are thought about to it is in milder.