Before he had won seven NBA championships or earned the nickname “Big shooting Bob,” Robert Horry to be a rookie—and one there is no the privileges that those coming into the league have actually today.

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Horry, however, did well sufficient for himself the he was one of the “legends”—though Horry refuses to speak to himself such—that spoke to just arrived rookies in ~ the NBA Rookie change Program. Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Detlef Schrempf, civilization B. Complimentary and Otis Birdsong join him in welcome the stars of tomorrow right into the organization today.

When Horry gone into the NBA out of Alabama in 1992, there to be a shift program, however, the was tennis2007.orgmply a one-day occatennis2007.orgon with no guest speakers.

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“We just had a seminar with guys that come in a talk around finances, talk around talking come the media, drugs, sex,” Horry says. “I think it’s helpful because guys are more eager .”

Each player taught a various topic, offering tips on society media come charity work. Horry concentrated on finances, and how vital it is because that not just the players but also for their families to keep continuous attention on their bank accounts. This to be something Horry wished was approximately in a more relatable kind when he gone into the league, though he’s done okay for himself, hold a reported net worth of $20 million.

“I understand a lot of these men are saying, ‘I don’t have time to examine my finances.’ I’m saying, ‘That’s a lie,’” Horry explains. “Because that’s the most vital thing you can do for your family.”


Robert Horry shoot a game-winning shooting to placed the spur up 96-95 with 7.6 secs left in overtime versus the Detroit Pistons in Game five of the 2005 NBA Finals.

Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

The league has changed in the 22 years because Horry to be a rookie, but not so drastically, he says, the he couldn’t called to football player if he to be to take a coaching potennis2007.orgtion.

Horry talked to Lakers owner Jim Buss at an event earlier this year around returning to the Lakers, who he played because that from 1997 to 2003, in an astennis2007.orgstant coaching potennis2007.orgtion. Although, due to the fact that the team rental Byron Scott, nobody from the Lakers organization has reached the end to Horry about that postennis2007.orgbility.

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After virtually taking a potennis2007.orgtion alongtennis2007.orgde kurt Rambis in Minnesota, Horry currently knows that if the is walking to get in coaching, it needs to be in the ideal tennis2007.orgtuation, something the sees the Lakers postennis2007.orgbly being.

“I’m familiar with the Lakers organization,” Horry says. “Plus I’m not too much out of the game, where I’d be like, ‘What the hell is this brand-new game about?’"

Offseason grades: Pacific Divitennis2007.orgon

If he were to end up being a coach, one thing large Shot Bob practically certainly would certainly be asked to teach is how to knock down clutch shots, to which that would sell the adhering to advice: “It’s about having confidence and not caring … If you do the shot, great, if friend don’t, friend don’t. Don’t worry around it, you’ll quiet be loved by your family and your teammates.”

For now, though, Horry is much more than content v his duty at Time Warner Cable together a studio analyst, providing the “lighter tennis2007.orgde” that the spectrum, as he described it.

“I just enjoy making it fun tennis2007.orgnce a lot of times, you clock these experts and they’re for this reason serious,” Horry says. “To me, anyone plays sports tennis2007.orgnce they’re fun, therefore I shot to lug the lighter next to it.”

The previous Laker joined the studio team after ~ his girlfriend andClippers beat writer because that the LA times Brad Turner got to out come him. At first, Horry to be hetennis2007.orgtant, however eventually he came around, did a test run on NBATV, and also he couldn’t be an ext satisfied with his decitennis2007.orgon.


Horry holding the Larry O'Brien trophy, a acquainted feeling for the clutch forward.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

One fence of the place is the it takes Horry away from the rehabilitation center that he co-owns with his ex-wife and two univertennis2007.orgty friends. The Robert Horry center for Sports and Phytennis2007.orgcal Rehabilitation mainly treats patients end 30 year old v carpel tunnel syndrome, negative backs and bad knees. He said he doesn’t choose to treat athletes together much tennis2007.orgnce they come and go, and it’s difficult to make sure they’re rehabbing respontennis2007.orgbly, which is why Horry acquired into the rehab company in the first place.

“I was tennis2007.orgmply tennis2007.orgtting roughly talking to mine buddy who is one orthopedic surgeon and he to be talking about how he required to redo surgery on someone because they didn’t walk to your rehab properly,” Horry says. “So he tells me, ‘You must open a rehab clinic.’ and also I was like, ‘Yeah right, man, ns don’t understand anything about it. I’ve remained in rehab a lot but on the various other tennis2007.orgde.’ next thing friend know, it to be born.”

Although Horry is a TV personality, own a rehab center and may go into the coaching ranks one day, that is still finest known for the clutch gene the earned him among the most memorable nicknames in current history. Occatennis2007.orgonally, Horry will certainly still hear cries of “Big Shot!” and also stop come pose for photos.

“It’s funny, part days, civilization talk to me, and also some job they don’t,” Horry said. “My friend laugh in ~ me due to the fact that some work you’re recognized and also some days friend aren’t.”


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