Have you sought barrel date codes ?http://www.tennis2007.org/remington-barrel-date-codes-date-of-manufacture-2164.html

And space you just trying to find value ? (If not what is the specific question) A basic, provided 20ga model 1100 would generally loss in the $350-$450 range. If excellent plus come like new a bit more. If in just fair problem a little less.



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The barrel on the left next at the recipient is marked 6oo65 or 60065, ns can"t tell. There are no letters various other than the an initial one maybe being read as o"s rather of zeroes.I am searching for a date more so than a value.

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If there are no barrel day codes i would call Remington Customer organization with the serial number for year the manufacture.

There are no publicaly easily accessible data bases that store track of these serial numbers.


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