1938 S Lincoln Cent Wheat penny Value

1938 S Lincoln Wheat Cent penny is worth a couple of cents and are very common in circulated grades. A MS64 RD (Mint State) is worth $8.00 v brown and also red brown examples bringing less.

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1938 S Lincoln Cent Wheat penny Value depends on the coin being red- red and brown or brown, and in that order (Image instances below).

The values provided here room for brown coins however in red/brown or red the coins will be worth more. Also, an important examples will should be graded through PCGS or NGC grading companies.

Lincoln Wheat Cents space often dubbed pennies and where produced from 1909 come 1958 v the exemption of 1943. In 1943 they were struck on steel planchets. The alloy is regularly referred to together copper yet technically the composition is copper (see specifications below).

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G4 BN (Good Brown)

Images that Brown, Red Brown and Red Cents


Specifications:Designer: Victor David BrennerDiameter: 19 millimetersMetal content: Copper – 95%, Tin and Zinc – 5%Weight: 48 seed (3.11 grams)

More Lincoln Wheat Cent (Penny) values

*Damaged, cleaned or even un-graded (raw) coins will profession for less. Regularly a damaged or cleaned coin will sell for approximately 50% less than noted values.

Varieties: 1909 VDB Doubled dice Obverse

Photo Grade

VG (Very Good)
F (Fine)
VF (Very Fine)

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Liberty Cap fifty percent CentDraped Bust half CentClassic Head half CentBraided Hair fifty percent Cent

Flowing Hair big CentDraped Bust big CentClassic Head large CentCoronet Head big CentBraided Hair large Cent

Flying Eagle little CentIndian Head small CentLincoln Wheat little CentLincoln Memorial little Cent

Two Cent Shield3 cents Nickel3 cent Silver

Shield NickelLiberty V NickelBuffalo NickelJefferson Nickel

Flowing Hair half DimeDraped Bust half DimeCapped Bust fifty percent DimeSeated Liberty fifty percent Dime

Draped Bust DimeCapped Bust DimeSeated Liberty DimeBarber Head DimeMercury Head DimeSilver Roosevelt Dime

Seated Twenty Cent

Draped Bust QuarterCapped Bust QuarterSeated Liberty QuarterBarber Head QuarterStanding Liberty QuarterSilver Washington QuarterState Washington Quarter

Flowing Hair half DollarDraped Bust fifty percent DollarCapped Bust half DollarSeated Liberty fifty percent DollarBarber Head half DollarWalking Liberty half DollarFranklin Head half DollarSilver Kennedy fifty percent Dollar

Flowing Hair DollarDraped Bust DollarSeated Liberty DollarTrade disagreement DollarMorgan DollarPeace DollarEisenhower Dollar

Susan B. Anthony DollarSacagawea DollarPresidential Dollar

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