If a 60 W light bulb in a bedside lamp is only 20% efficient and also converting electric energy into light energy, how many joules that light energy does this irradiate bulb create every minute?
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The formula to calculate the total number of Joules of energy by the light bulb is as follows:

E (Joules) = p (Watts) X t (seconds)

E = 60 W X 60 seconds

E = 3600 Joules the energy

The total amount of power generated through the light pear every...

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The formula to calculate the total number of Joules of power by the light pear is together follows:

E (Joules) = ns (Watts) X t (seconds)

E = 60 W X 60 seconds

E = 3600 Joules the energy

The total amount of power generated through the light pear every minute is 3600 Joules. If the light bulb is only twenty (20) percent efficient in convert that power to visible irradiate energy, that would be twenty percent the the total.

3600 Joules times .2 = 720 Joules

Of the complete energy, 3600 Joules, just 720 Joules is convert to visible irradiate energy. Old fashioned, glow bulbs v filaments were notoriously inefficient, converting much of their power in the form of heat energy. Just a small part of their energy was spent for what it was designed for, visible light. More recent bulb designs use more energy because that visible light and spend less energy on heat, making your use an ext efficient.

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