When you ultimately want to break down and also buy a watercraft, it is necessary to know exactly what you are getting right into. One of the the majority of asked inquiries I acquire when someone is talking around buying a brand-new bass boat is “how a lot do they weigh?”, which is nearly a trick question. There is no appropriate or wrong answer to this, and that is why most world that ask it are left scratching their heads because no one really knows just how to answer this without a little research study.

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Keep in mind that various manufacturers use various materials, and also watercrafts come in all forms and also sizes, via all different types of electric motors attached to them, so this is a difficult question to answer. I have taken an average of the many well-known bass boats out tright here and also have actually a great basic idea for you on exactly how much bass watercrafts frequently weigh.

The average weight of a bass boat is in between 1500 and also 1700 pounds relying on the size and what it is made out of. This is an estimate only on the dry weight, so you will certainly have to add in any added gear or fuel you might put in it. This estimate also does not include your trailer which have the right to add the majority of weight to the as a whole count, so it is a good principle to check the specs of your tow auto.

Here are some examples of popular fishing watercrafts to give you an principle of precisely what a boat weighs, and their length.

2,150 pounds dry weight: Bass Cat Jaguar (21 feet 5 inches long)1,900 pounds dry weight: Charger 210 Elite (20 feet 10 inches long)2,290 pounds dry weight: Ranger 1880 MS (18 feet, 10 inches long)878 pounds dry weight: 2018 Tracker Pro 170 (16 feet 8 inches)1,700 pounds dry weight: 2017 Nitro Z18 (18 feet 8 inches lengthy )1,010 pounds dry weight: 2017 Tracker Pro Team 175 TF (17 feet 7 inches long)2,000 pounds dry weight: 2016 Nitro Z20 (20 feet 2 inches long)

As you deserve to view, tright here are a lot of different weight and size choices when trying to find a bass watercraft. Anvarious other thing to look at in a bass boat as soon as checking weight is the size of the motor you are going to be running in it.

Trailer Weight


When we talk about dry weight, we are just considering the weight of the boat through a motor, and also no fluids. It does NOT take right into account the trailer weight, and also that is very essential to take note of. Trailers have the right to be heavy depending on what they are made out of and how long they are so it is important as soon as asking a dealer around weights, you obtain the full weight of the watercraft WITH a trailer had. Tbelow are numerous choices when it involves trailers, however they have the right to array all over from 1500 pounds to over 4000 pounds depending upon what your requirements are.

Gear Weight

It is a great think to remember that you are going to have actually gear, so that is going to weight you dvery own. With tackle, rods, oars, and also other essentials on your watercraft, you could add as much as 200 pounds before you even launch. Most more recent boats will certainly host around 30 gallons of fuel, so perform the math before you go to load up your boat and also take it out for the day.

Fiberglass or Aluminum

The weight of a watercraft is also going to be impacted by what kind of product they provided once building it. The two major types of watercrafts are aluminum and fiberglass once it concerns bass boats, and also both have actually their pros and cons. Here are brief examples of exactly how these 2 different forms of materials deserve to affect the weight of your watercraft, and some other basic understanding.

Fiberglass watercrafts tfinish to be more heavy in building and construction, and also will require deeper water to launch. If you are crunched for towing capacity, this is going to be a critical aspect in your decision.Aluminum watercrafts are normally going to be lighter in construction, and also will float in shallower water if you are fishing most shenable lakes. Keep in mind that aluminum makes more noise, so stop brief of your location and also troll over tbelow so you don’t scare the fish.Understanding Your Weight Limit

Please make this an important topic for you once picking a boat. The initially thing you desire to inspect as soon as buying a boat is just how much your automobile can take care of once towing. Trucks and also SUVs will certainly be the a lot of widespread tow vehicles, but I have watched tow hitches on cars before. If you attempt to pull a 4000 pound boat via a automobile that cannot take care of it, you are going to have actually some major mechanical problems in the transmission or motor, so it is good to review the label on the inside of your door to watch what the total weight you deserve to pull is. Here are some ball park towing specs for a couple of renowned trucks:

Toyata Tachoma: around 6,500 – 6,800 poundsChevy Colorado: roughly 7,700 poundsNissan Titan: roughly 9,000 poundsToyota Tundra: around 10,000 poundsDodge Ram: approximately 10,600 poundsGMC Sierra: about 12,000 poundsFord F150: roughly 12,000 poundsChevy Silveraexecute 1500: about 12,500 pounds

These are according to the 2017 specs, and various models of the truck have the right to come through various things. You have the right to always upgrade a Chevy Silveracarry out to on with a tow package, or 4 wheel drive, so it is always best to consult a dealership, your manufacturers overview, and on the door of your car, but the above will certainly provide you a solid round park in the array of weight.



It is an excellent practice to execute the math on exactly how much your fuel is actually going to weigh once selecting a watercraft because it will significantly influence your two weight when trying to pull a watercraft. Gasoline weighs about 6.1 pounds per gallon and also Diesel weights around 7.1 pounds per gallon. Most boats organize about 30 to 50 gallons of fuel depending upon what size boat you buy, so 6.1 * 30 = 180 pounds. This might not seem prefer a lot, yet once you are looking at maxing out your tow package on your truck or SUV, this is a vital calculation. An added 180 pounds can influence both your tow weight and maximum capacity once your boat is full, so make sure your math is done.

An example of the math I perform is something like this:

Fuel – 180lbsGear – 200lbsBoat – 1500lbsTrailer – 2000 lbs

Total weight = 3880 pounds for complete weight, and if your car is just rated for 3500 pounds, you could have actually some significant mechanical concerns with towing your watercraft.

The math on this have the right to be ball parked, but get your watercraft and also trailer weight as close to specs as possible, I would certainly only suggest ball parking the equipment and fuel.

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ConclusionBuying a bass watercraft is an excellent adundertaking, and also have the right to be among the ideal things you execute via your friends and also household, but it does take a small bit of homework-related to make certain you get the appropriate thing. There is some math associated, however don’t ever before be afraid to ask questions around the watercraft once you are at the dealership, and don’t hesitate to call about to various areas to ask inquiries. Weight on a watercraft is really vital bereason nopoint is worse than buying something as well massive for your vehicle and also having to obtain it towed residence by a tow truck.