How much does a pontoon boat weigh? If you are going to buy a pontoon boat or tow a pontoon boat, you should know how much it weighs. In this article, I’ll provide the average pontoon boat weight and several examples.

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What is the average pontoon boat weight? An average-sized pontoon boat (around 22 feet long), including the motor, weighs around 2,200 pounds (997.9032 kg). Also, the boat can hold approximately 2,000 pounds (907.1847 kg) of weight. Furthermore, a pontoon boat trailer weighs about 1,200 pounds (544.311 kg).

Here are some pontoon boats and their corresponding dry weight in pounds:

Avalon Eagle 16′-1,350 poundsSweetwater SW 2086 22′-1,775 poundsAvalon Catalina DRL 24’-2,050 poundsG3 Suncatcher X22RF-3,600 poundsSuntracker Regency 254XP3 27’-3,300 poundsSuntracker Bass Buggy 16 XL-1,565 poundsBennington Marine 30 QXSB-6,801 pounds

If you plan to tow a pontoon boat, your truck must have a towing capacity of 5,500 pounds (2,494.8 kg) to 6,000 pounds (2721.554 kg) because you’re not only towing the boat but also the other gears inside as well.

Typically, an empty pontoon boat with gear and motor on a trailer will weigh around 3,700 pounds (1678.292 kg). So it would be best to have a truck that can tow more than 3,700 pounds (1678.292 kg). 

Read on to learn about the average pontoon boat weight, including the weight of 7 different types of pontoon boats.

How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Weigh?

If you’re planning to buy a pontoon boat, you must know its weight so that you know if you can tow it with your truck. 

Typically, the average pontoon boat weight is around 2,200 pounds (997.9032 kg). However, there are various types of pontoon boats, and each has a different weight from the rest. Here are some examples of pontoon boats and how much they weigh.

The dry weight is the weight, excluding the gear’s weight in the boat and the trailer, but includes the motor without gas. On the other hand, the wet weight includes the gas and the boat’s complete equipment.

Below is the weight of 7 popular pontoon boats.

1. Avalon Eagle 16-foot

How much does a 16-foot pontoon boat weigh? This pontoon boat is 16 feet long and has a dry weight of about 1,350 pounds (612.3497 kg). The Avalon also comes in 14 feet sizes. This boat provides essential features that you can enjoy with your family.

However, it’s not recommended for die-hard anglers, as there’s not enough space for fish-boxes, rod-holders, and other fishing gears. You will have to bring your own small bucket. Also, you can add optional features, such as a stereo with Sirius satellite radio.

Compared to other pontoon boots within its size, the Avalon Eagle is made of high-quality material, with aluminum seat bases, stainless steel cleats, and anodized rails. It has a maximum horsepower of 50, more than the 40 horsepower of other brands.

2. Sweetwater SW 2086 22-foot

How much does a 22-foot pontoon boat weigh? This boat is 22 feet long and has a dry weight of 1,775 pounds (805.1265 kg) and a wet weight of about 2,500 pounds (1133.981 kg). You have the option to add specific features, such as LED docking lights, wicker-wrapped seat boxes, captain’s chair, fire extinguisher, universal phone holder, and fish-finder. 

The boat also provides a canopy featuring a protective playpen cover, stereo, sink, transom shower faucet, standard stern fish seats, tachometer, and many more incredible features.

3. Avalon Catalina DRL 24-foot

How much does a 24-foot pontoon boat weigh? Twenty-four feet long, this pontoon boat has a dry weight of about 2,050 pounds (929.8644 kg). The Catalina can accommodate 11 people and provide an optional centerline locker to store all your equipment.

You can safely ride it on mild waves with plenty of power due to its choices of powerful engines; one is the V6 DF200. If you go fishing, you can get the trolling motor and the under-seat life well. An extended platform will allow you to engage in watersports easily. As a water sports enthusiast, you could also opt for the Waveglider Tube Package.

Breathing the fresh breeze under the bow section’s stylish umbrella would be a perfect way to relax and feel rejuvenated. Another activity is to cruise at 32 miles per hour and enjoy the scenery around you while capturing the incredible picturesque in your camera for posterity’s sake.

4. G3 Suncatcher X22RF22-foot

This boat weighs 3,600 pounds (1632.933 kg) with its trailer and motor and usually has a length of 22 to 23 feet. This pontoon boat is for passionate anglers due to its excellent fishing features. The boat also provides a great entertainment area, so you can do all the water activities you want.

The Suncatcher is a perfect pontoon boat for a family fishing adventure because of its friendly and fishing features. It provides enough space for a family of 11. The boat also has features that ensure you stay safe and secure. Furthermore, you can enjoy music while on the boat. The stereo is Bluetooth accessible. The console and the captain’s chair will help you maneuver the boat quickly.

5. Suntracker Regency 254XP3 27-foot

Weighing 3,300 pounds (1,497 kg), this pontoon boat has a package weight with a trailer that weighs 5,695 pounds (2,583 kg). Its seating capacity is 15, and its weight capacity is 2,150 pounds (975.2236 kg). The boat runs on Verado 300 horsepower and provides a broad swim platform. A sturdy boarding ladder makes it easy for swimmers to re-board the boat.


The spacious seating area is excellent for large families or groups. The Suntracker Regency’s triple tubes increase security while you ride the waves as there is added buoyancy to the boat. Besides, you can conveniently adjust the helm seat.

6. Suntracker Bass Buggy 16 XL16-foot

This pontoon boat has a 16-feet deck length and an 8-feet width. The weight of this pontoon boat is about 1,565 pounds (709.8721 kg), including a 50 HP outboard engine. The total trailer weight is around 2,355 pounds (1068.21 kg). Hence, you should have a truck with at least 5,500 towing capacity to tow your pontoon boat trailer. 

The boat provides a stereo system, which is Bluetooth accessible. You will surely enjoy fishing with its comfortable dual bow chairs. You can place your keepers on the forward console Livewell seat. The hull material is durable aluminum; thus, you can expect an increased lifespan.

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7. Bennington Marine 30 QXSB 12-foot

How much does a 12-foot pontoon boat weigh? The Bennington can accommodate around 12 people. It’s 30 feet and has a dry weight of 6,801 pounds (3084.882 kg) that includes twin 450 horsepower outboards. Its trailer weight is about 1,250 pounds (566.9905 kg), with fuel and gear weight at about 1,000 pounds (453.592 kg). Its total trailer weight is about 9,100 pounds (4127.691 kg).

The boat has a powerful twin engine, a windshield, and a power-folding arch. A convenient port recliner found mid-ship provides safety and convenience. The boat’s fiberglass material adds elegance and durability. 

We have discussed the answer to the questions: “how much does a pontoon boat weigh?” and “what is the average pontoon boat weight?”. Now, here are some tips you should consider when buying a pontoon boat.