“Why carry out you look for the living amongst the dead? the is not here yet is risen!” Luke 24:5-6

How was her Easter? since all our loved ones live really far away, my family and also I took pleasure in a wonderful day with close friends. ~ church, us stuffed oneself silly v food and also played gamings all evening. It was a beautiful solemn event of Jesus’ resurrection.

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I acquire the feeling that Jesus’ disciples knowledgeable a really different Resurrection Sunday. After few of them watching our Lord die on the cross and the others hiding in fear and disbelief, the third day surely was confusing.

Stories were flying about Jesus. Some claimed He was lively again, some had actually seen Him, some had actually touched Him, some had eaten with Him, the He was in one place and also then suddenly several miles far in a different place behind locked doors.

The fact is Jesus appeared to His disciples and followers ten times prior to His ascension, and also it began right after His tomb was found empty.

Mary Magdalene and also the Women

You no doubt remember just how Mary Magdalene and two other women went to Jesus’ tomb at an early stage that Sunday morning only to find the rock rolled away. One of my pure favorite scriptures verses is Luke 24:5-6 wherein the angel says to them, “Why do you seek the living amongst the dead? that is no here however is risen!”

The females must have actually been stunned. The is risen? deserve to you imagine your disbelief? It was too good to it is in true. Matthew 28:8 claims “they went out easily from the tomb with fear and an excellent joy and also ran to bring the practical worker word.”

Fear and great joy both. Everything their disbelief, the didn’t critical long due to the fact that they soon ran right into Jesus Himself. The Gospels seem to have a differing account the this very first meeting. Matthew claims the women touched him while John says they didn’t, and also both Mark and Luke do no cite of the encounter at all.

Regardless, two different descriptions the this amazing very first appearance clearly show that Jesus was undoubtedly alive again and also He had actually victoriously overcame the grave.


Jesus In Galilee

“But he stated to them, ‘Do no be alarmed. You look for Jesus the Nazareth that was crucified. The is risen! that is not here. Watch the place where lock laid Him. But go, call His disciples—and Peter—that that is going before you into Galilee; over there you will see Him, as He said to you.’” note 16:6-7

In note 16, mary Magdalene goes ago to the disciples come tell them she had seen Jesus lively again and that they should go to Galilee. First, though, the disciples had to run back to the tomb to make certain she’s telling the truth, i beg your pardon she was. That’s once Matthew 28:16 states they automatically went to Galilee.

It’s interesting that Matthew and Mark are the only books to point out Jesus telling the practical worker to walk to Galilee. However apparently, they go go, and they uncovered Jesus there simply as He said He would be. Scholars speculate that Jesus told castle to go to Galilee since that to be where most of His followers were. It lines up through 1 Corinthians 15:6-7 whereby Paul explains a big gathering that disciples—

“After that, he was checked out by over five hundred brethren in ~ once.”

Later That same Day

Jesus appears two an ext times the exact same day mar Magdalene witnessed Him and after the collection in Galilee.

First, in Luke 24:13-32 we review of two disciples traveling to a village called Emmaus. It was a small town around seven mile from Jerusalem. On their method to this town, they encountered someone who they assumed was a man yet was actually Jesus, however they didn’t know it.


They walked and also talked v the “man” about the events of the crucifixion and also resurrection until they got to the town. By climate it to be late afternoon, and also the practical worker asked the to stay for dinner.

They go inside where they were, and also Jesus damaged bread again and blessed it. It to be then the disciples’ eyes were opened, and they realized that the stranger was. However then Luke 24:32 says, “He vanished from your sight.”

The disciples were left aghast in ~ what they had just experienced.

We have the right to assume immediately after the Jesus appeared to the rest of the disciples other than for Thomas. Remember, prior to it to be late afternoon. Now, follow to john 20:19, it was evening time, and the disciples were gathered together behind closeup of the door doors due to the fact that they were afraid that the Jews’ persecution of them (remember just how Peter was badgered roughly the fire the night he denied Jesus 3 times?).

Suddenly, Jesus showed up out that nowhere best in their midst saying, “Peace be with you.” He proved them His hands and feet, and also the disciples were overjoyed to watch Him. It’s important to keep in mind that this to be the night the holy Spirit is first given come anyone. The did not take place at Pentecost together most people believe, which was the day Jesus ascended come heaven.


John 20:22 says, “And once He had actually said this, the breathed top top them and said to them, ‘Receive the divine Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they room forgiven them. If you retain the sins of any, they room retained.’”

He then asked them because that something to eat to further prove he truly to be alive.

Breakfast in ~ the Beach

By now, Jesus had actually visited His disciples 4 times. The 5th time to be on the eighth day after His resurrection. In john 21, Jesus decides come visit seven of His disciples at the Sea the Tiberias if they to be fishing one morning.


This is an additional famous moment when Jesus (in disguise again) asks His friends if they’ve caught any fish. Together you recall, castle answered, “No.” So, Jesus speak them come “cast the net on the best side that the boat, and you will find some.”

The scriptures doesn’t tell us specifically how lengthy the disciples had actually been fishing, even if it is they to be frustrated and exhausted from not having recorded anything, though countless pastors and also teachers have suspected lock were. Still, lock obeyed the man on the beach and cast their nets to discover the nets overflowing through “the multitude the fish (v5).” It’s only after their substantial catch (153 fish, in fact, in verse 11) is hauled in that man recognizes that it’s Jesus that was the weird man.


Jesus invites them to eat breakfast v Him, and also it was best after that Jesus takes Peter aside and tells him to feeding His sheep. Jesus claims this come Peter three times in solution to Peter’s denial of the Lord three times the night the His crucifixion.

In the end, anyone learns that Jesus has actually appointed Peter to it is in the minister of the brand-new church.

The evening of the Eighth Day

Thomas had not yet seen Jesus lively again despite he had actually doubtless heard all around it native the other disciples. That was around to change. We find the only account of Jesus’ appearance to thomas in man 20:26-29.


After having actually breakfast with few of the disciples in ~ the beach the morning, Jesus again mysteriously appears in the middle of the shut top room later on that evening, and also He tells thomas to touch His scarred hands and also His side. It’s climate Thomas lastly believes the truth that Jesus is important alive, and Jesus famously says, “Because you have actually seen Me, you have believed. Blessed room those who have not seen and also yet have actually believed.”

A lesson for us all.

Jesus’ Appearance come James

The Gospels nothing specifically mention Jesus appearing to His half-brother, James, privately. Yet we know at some allude He met through him sometime before the disciples visited Galilee together was mentioned earlier. The just comment of the is found in 1 Corinthians 15:7 whereby Paul writes, “After that, that was checked out by James, then by every the apostles,” which says Jesus do a prevent at residence in Nazareth before He went to Galilee.

This is an important meeting because that was when James to be finally encouraged that Jesus, his large brother, is the child of God. James totally devotes the rest of his life to leading the early on church together Peter. In fact, James became known together the lead minister of the Jerusalem church (Acts 15:13). He became really influential and also powerful, so much he was eliminated for it.

Paul’s Turn

We know Jesus met through Paul top top the roadway to Damascus in plot 9, and he was appointed as an apostle quickly thereafter. This is special due to the fact that the demands for gift an apostle is to have been a disciple of Jesus and to have witnessed His crucifixion and also resurrection. The was impossible for Paul to have been a disciple because Jesus had currently ascended to heaven.

Paul proceeds in 1 Corinthians 15:7, “Then last of all, the was checked out by me also as by one born the end of due time.”

“Born out of due time” is a recommendation to Jesus personally appointing Paul as an apostle. Paul was totally aware of how special his appointment was. Instantly following in verses nine and ten, Paul humbly writes,

“For ns am the least of the apostles, who am no worthy to be referred to as an apostle since I persecuted the church of God. But by the grace of God, ns am what ns am, and His grace towards me was no in vain.”

The Ascension

Aside indigenous His meeting v Paul, Jesus’ only other illustration is when He ascended to heaven in plot 1:3-11. That gathered His disciples together to phone call them no to leave Jerusalem but wait for the holy Spirit. Remember they had already received the gift that the divine Spirit, yet now they were to wait for the soul to baptize them.

“For john truly baptized v water, yet you shall be baptized through the divine Spirit not plenty of days indigenous now.” acts 1:5

Jesus speak them they will get power from the divine Spirit, then He commissions them to it is in witnesses of the “to the end of the earth (v8).”


Immediately ~ He claimed this, Jesus ascended to heaven together everyone watched, and also two angels showed up with great news.

“He was taken up, and a cloud obtained Him the end of your sight. And while castle looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two males stood by them in white apparel who additionally said, ‘Men the Galilee, why carry out you was standing gazing up right into heaven? This exact same Jesus, who was taken up from you right into heaven, will certainly so come in favor manner as you saw Him go into heaven (v 9-11).”

Hallelujah, he is coming again!

Love past Measure

Jesus longs to be through us. He desire an eternal connection with us. His perpetual appearances after His resurrection prove it.

His death and also resurrection no going to keep Him from the ones he loves. The didn’t prevent Him then, and also it doesn’t prevent Him now. His believers is unending, His love is beyond any kind of measurement, and one day he’s coming again to take us house to sky so we deserve to be with Him forever.

How about you? have you viewed Jesus lately? carry out you have a relationship with Him? He’s wait for you. He stands at the door of her heart knocking, waiting to watch you.

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Will you let the in?

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