Winner of 2002 American Idol, Kelly was simply an chaste American girl that now has turned right into a pop princess and also a rock Diva. She is a three times Grammy winner, and also her voice is recognized as among the finest in pop music. Kelly is one idol for all the independent females in the music industry. She had actually a substantial transformation from a simple American girl to popular music star serene including her style, hairs, and also skin tattoos. She has acquired various amazing tattoos on she body. Let’s know the an interpretation behind she inks:


1. Sunflower on her Left Ankle


Tattoo: Sunflower

Meaning: Kelly has actually inked a cute sunflower top top her appropriate ankle.

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2. Outline of Texas ~ above her reduced Waist


Tattoo: outline of Texas

Meaning: Kelly has actually tattooed the summary of Texas on her lower belly. She to be born in fort Worth, Texas. She expressed her love and also liking towards her hometown through this tattoo.

3. Cross on her best Wrist


Tattoo: Cross

Meaning: Kelly has actually inked a small cross ~ above her right wrist.

4. The expression “Love castle More” on appropriate Wrist


Tattoo: Love them More

Meaning: Kelly has inked expression “Love castle More” beside her cross tattoo.

5. Love with three Ribbons on she Left Wrist


Tattoo: love with three Ribbons

Meaning: Kelly has inked she left wrist through a small red heart and also three ribbons those room attached come the tail the the heart.

6. Crescent Moon behind her best Ear


Tattoo: Crescent Moon

Meaning: Kelly has inked a small crescent moon behind her ideal ear.

7. Snowflake behind she Left Ear


Tattoo: Snowflake

Meaning: Kelly has tattooed a snowflake behind her left ear.

8. Japanese price on the earlier of her Neck


Tattoo: Kanji Symbol

Meaning: Kelly has actually inked a KANJI symbol in ~ the back side of her neck which method “Blessed.”

9. Absent Puzzle on she Back


Tattoo: lacking puzzle

Meaning: Kelly has actually inked the backside of her appropriate shoulder with an interesting puzzle tattoo. Inside the puzzle item is this tiny tornado through a golden brick road and also a warm air balloon, a sort of Wizard that Oz theme. In her one of the concert ~ flashing the tattoo to the audience, she said, “There’s a story behind it, yet it’s prefer a puzzle item like I’m make of a puzzle and also they took a piece off and also you have the right to see inside.” She continued, “I’m not gonna tell you what’s inside reason then you’re more than likely gonna speak I require therapy or something… which I most likely do.”

10. Tattoo in a Morse password on she Left Rib Cage

Tattoo: A expression “What doesn’t kill you” in a Morse code

Meaning: Kelly has inked a phrase What doesn’t death you ~ above the left next of she Rib.

11. Four-leaf Clover Tattoo on her Hand


Tattoo: Flower with four clove leaf

Meaning: Kelly has inked a 4 leaf clover tattoo on her hand.

12. Kite Tattoo on she Left Wrist

Tattoo: Kite

Meaning: Kelly has inked a dragon tattoo i beg your pardon is an enhancement to a vault tattoo the a heart and also three ribbons on her left wrist.

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13. “Nothando” on she Left Foot


Tattoo: “Nothando”

Meaning: Kelly has actually tattooed NOTHANDO which means “She love us” on she Left Foot.

14. Undefined tattoo top top the finger of her left hand


Tattoo: Undefined letters inside of finger of the left wrist

Meaning: Kelly has an undefined and secret tattoo inside her left hand’s finger. The tattoo is not visible clearly, but the letters might be “SP.”