Pizza is piping hot, hearty, and capable of happen people along with one bite that crispy, cheesy goodness. No matter just how you slice it, pizza is a optimal pick to serve for any occasion. Once it’s pizza night, girlfriend don’t desire to come increase shorthanded through your pies. We’ve put together the complying with guide to help you figure out how plenty of pizzas you must order to meet the appetites of your family and also friends.

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Start through the Basics


Before you get into the details, you need to think about a couple of basics:

How many civilization will you be serving?How numerous adults and children will be eat pizza?

Once you have actually the answers to these questions, you have the right to start digging right into the very delicious details together you calculation how countless pizzas come order.

Figure the end the Slices every Size

The size of the pizza friend order will determine how many slices you can expect each pie come serve:

Small pizzas average between 8 and also 10 inches in diameter and also will yield about six slices.Medium pizzas run 12 inches in diameter and also will offer you around eight slices.Large pizzas room 14 inch in diameter and also will offer approximately 10 slices.Extra-large pizzas come in in between 16 and 18 inch in diameter and also will provide at least 12 slices.

Before placing her order, call and confirm the variety of slices per size for your pizzas.

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Don’t Underestimate Appetites

If Uncle Joe deserve to knock out half of a tool pizza and also still be hungry, climate you understand that a single pie alone won’t reduced it for your get-together. If it can be tricky to calculation how many slices world will eat, you don’t desire to underestimate anyone’s appetite, either.

Three slices per adult and two slices per child offer a good base to begin from when you’re estimating how plenty of pizzas come order. If you understand in development that you have actually guests with major pizza appetites, enable for one or two an ext slices per person, simply to it is in safe. If your pizzas will certainly be ~ above the smaller size or have a an extremely thin crust, account for an extra slice per person.

Here’s another means to think about how plenty of pizzas you’ll require using a tool pizza dimension (eight slices) as an example:

Multiply the number of guests you’ll be serving by three slices every adult or 2 slices per child.Divide this number by the number of slices you deserve to expect to get from the pizza size you desire.

Using this formula, if you’re serving five adults that will eat three slices that pizza every person, girlfriend would have to order two medium pizzas.

Consider the Occasion

It’s important to think about the time that day and also the meal itself. If you’re planning a pizza-only having lunch for two to 4 people, one big pizza must be plenty. However, if you’re creating a Sunday sporting activities day feast through chips, dips, wings, and also other finger foods items to feeding eight people, climate you may want come think about ordering two, three, or 4 pizzas to round the end your spread, especially if the event will critical a lengthy time.

Children’s parties and also pizzas go hand in hand. Tool pizzas job-related well because that this form of gathering. As soon as placing her order, ask for your tool pizzas come be cut into 10 slices instead of the timeless eight slices per pizza. If you’re primarily serving children, parents might want a part or two as soon as they’re choose up and also dropping off their kids.

Top Off your Planning through Toppings

No one wants an discussion over pizza toppings. Nevertheless, pizza toppings remain a resource of debate amongst pizza purists. A 2019 YouGov survey pinned down pepperoni together a favourite pizza topping amongst 52% that Americans, while 34% placed sausage in their top three topping choices, and 31% favored mushrooms. Both bacon and also plain cheese just came in as top-three picks among 20% of pizza consumers surveyed.

To protect against pizza battles in your household, acquire everyone to provide you your topping preferences before you ar your order. If plain cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and also peppers room what you need to work with for feeding three people, then one pizza should provide you plenty of actual estate. Because that example, you could divide one large pizza right into one-third plain cheese, one-third pepperoni, and one-third sausage and peppers.

Don’t forget the folks that love level cheese pizzas. If you’re ordering lot of pizzas for your group, reserve around one-third or one-half of castle as level cheese.

Keep in mind the complying with points about pizza toppings:

Specialty pizzas featuring a combination or range of toppings are finest when you know what toppings your guests prefer. If you’re in doubt, don’t be fear to ask. Otherwise, girlfriend may finish up through a lot of leftovers.Adding extra toppings, together as much more than 2 toppings every pizza, will certainly make your pizza contempt thicker 보다 a solitary topping alone. When paired v specialty or more thick crusts, extra toppings on her pizza will offer each slice more heft 보다 a thin-crust pizza with a solitary topping.

Know just how to ar Your Order for a Group

Family gatherings and parties through a dozen or an ext people call for some special considerations:

Go with the largest size pizza possible: While an extra-large pizza will certainly be an ext expensive than a medium pizza, the expense per slice is actually less than pizzas that a smaller size. As a result, the price of her order will be less overall.Round up because that planned leftovers: Consider how countless guests might ask because that a slice or two to take home with them. After ~ all, pizza tho tastes an excellent when you eat it the next day — even for breakfast. Once placing your order, ring up and also order an extra pie.

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One final word: make the perfect pizza for your guests takes time. By bespeak in advance of her party, you offer your favorite pizza guys and also gals the moment they need to prepare her pizzas just the means you want them.

Still not certain how many pizzas you must get? Easy, bespeak from Pequod’s Pizza the next time you’re having actually a gathering in the Chicago or Morton Grove area, and also we’ll help you figure out specifically what girlfriend need!