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Oil is a vital element for your automobile’s suitable functioning. As any motor consists of a number of moving details, lock permanently rub versus one another. Some time passes and also these parts started to warm up plus produce friction. Lubricating these metal parts, oil assists them to operate correctly through no friction created as it was initially developed for warm dispersing.

When oil is included to your motor, it’s golden brown. But it gets black color plus sludgy once it i do not care old. Moreover, it deserve to induce your car to emit a burn smell. That happens because it purifies the moving steel details and gathers every dirt plus build-up which emerges on them. Oil is the most efficient while that clean and that’s why regular oil substitution is a must.


EngineOil capacity / Filter capacityRecommended oil type
Hybrid Duratec-HE4.25 / 0.5 liters5W-20, 5W-30
Duratec-HE 2.3 16V4.25 / 0.5 liters5W-20, 5W-30
Duratec 3.0 V65.7 liters5W-20, 5W-30


EngineOil capacity / Filter capacityRecommended oil type
Duratec 2.5 16V5 liters5W-20, 5W-30
Duratec 3.0 V65.7 liters5W-20, 5W-30
Atkinson Hybrid 2.5 16V5 liters5W-20


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Ford escape oil capacity

EngineOil volume / Filter capacityRecommended oil type
1.5 EcoBoost4.1 liters5W-20
1.6 EcoBoost4.1 liters5W-20
2.0 EcoBoost5.4 liters5W-30
Duratec 2.5 16V5.4 liters5W-20, 5W-30


Usually, oil works efficiently prior to your automobile drives 10,000 mile or up to a year. The computer system features a organization recommendation, taking right into account when you last changed the oil and also how heavy the automobile was driven.

Ford advises not to drive an ext than a year or 10,000 miles without oil substitution. As soon as you an alert the dash oil organization light flashing, replace oil in the nearest 2 weeks and don’t exceed 500 miles through your old oil.

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2020 2021 Ford to escape Oil Capacity

EngineOil volume (with filter)Oil type
1.5 EcoBoost engine4.7 liter / 5 U.S. Qt / 4.1 imp. Qt5w-20, 5w-30
2.0 l Ecoboost engine5.4 liter / 5.7 U.S. Qt / 4.8 imp. Qt5w-20, 5w-30
2.5 together Duratec iVCT engine5.4 liter / 5.7 U.S. Qt / 4.8 imp. Qt5w-20, 5w-30


How lot oil go a Ford escape take?

The 2021 Ford Escape v the 1.5L engine (engine password EcoBoost) takes 5 quarts (with filter) that 5W-20 artificial oil. The Ford Escape v a 2.0L engine (engine password Ecoboost) takes 5.7 quarts (with filter) that 5W-20 man-made oil. A brand-new oil filter and a like washer room required.