Everyone loves pulled pork right? It"s a good source of protein, to add some good vitamins and minerals. And being delicious, pork is a fairly cheap meat, best for parties and also barbecues. Functioning out just how much traction pork per human being when planning an occasion can be tricky. Nobody wants waste, or to run out of food.

This post will assist you to execute a small bit of math to decision on the correct amount of pork to buy, and also what you"ll finish up v after cooking. Don"t panic, the math is simple, but before we acquire into it, giving some factor to consider to the kind of people you will be inviting, what rather is top top the menu, and also your capacity to chef pulled pork in enough quantities will offer you piece of mind prior to you start.

I prefer to really experiment with different flavors and recipes, ns picked up a couple of great books native Amazon which i love. This one has 66 awesome recipes, this one by Martha rock has some good recipes, she is also an excellent writer.

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Pulled Pork Quantities: doing The Math

This yes, really is therefore simple, ns don"t recognize what you were fretting about