There space 585.55 mile from Denver to Phoenix in southwest direction and also 909 miles (1,462.89 kilometers) by car, complying with the I-25 S and also US-50 business route.

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Denver and also Phoenix space 13 hours 29 mins much apart, if you journey non-stop.

This is the fastest route from Denver, CO come Phoenix, AZ. The halfway suggest is Tohajiilee, NM.

Denver, CO and also Phoenix, AZ space in the same time zone (MDT). Current time in both places is 8:50 pm.

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Gas Consumption and Emissions

A auto with a fuel effectiveness of MPG will require 36.51 gallons that gas to cover the route in between Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ.

The estimated cost of gas to walk from Denver to Phoenix is $123.77.

During the route, one average auto will relax 715.33 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would be 0.79 pounds that CO2 every mile.

typical USA gas price offered for calculation is $3.39 every gallon of constant gas. Price critical updated top top November 9, 2021.

Best many hotels In or close to Phoenix, AZ

Do you have actually where to stay once you come to Phoenix, AZ? inspect out our hotel recommendations:

Halfway allude Between Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ

If you desire to fulfill halfway in between Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ or just make a stop in the middle of your trip, the exact coordinates the the halfway allude of this route are 35.016262 and also -106.983887, or 35º 0" 58.5432" N, 106º 59" 1.9932" W. This place is 454.56 miles away from Denver, CO and also Phoenix, AZ and also it would take around 6 hours 44 mins to with the halfway allude from both locations.

Closest City or city to Halfway Point

The closest town to the halfway point is Tohajiilee, NM, situated 482 miles indigenous Denver, CO and also 447 miles indigenous Phoenix, AZ. It would take 8 hours 11 mins to walk from Denver to Tohajiilee and also 6 hours 32 mins to go from Phoenix to Tohajiilee.

Major City Closest come Halfway Point

The major city closest come the halfway point between Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ is Albuquerque, NM, located 446 miles native Denver, CO and 467 miles from Phoenix, AZ. It would certainly take 7 hours 23 mins to walk from Denver come and also 6 hours 31 mins to walk from Phoenix come Albuquerque.

Major Cities along the Route

Some other major cities follow me the route encompass Pueblo, CO,Colorado Springs, CO,Centennial, CO,Highlands Ranch, CO, and Lakewood, CO.

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Weather in Denver and also Phoenix

Compare the weather today and the next four days in Denver, CO and also Phoenix, AZ:


No precipitation transparent the week.

TueNov 9 WedNov 10 ThuNov 11 FriNov 12 SatNov 13
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