The many fascinating way to live one\"s life is to travel the world and also reminiscence the memories make from roughly the world. Travel magnifies person emotions and broadens one’s perspective in the direction of life. Once considering a travel from West Palm beach to Miami, we space looking at traversing one of the many beautiful courses of Florida, a seaside fantasy well-off in good food, warm weather and welcoming beaches. This stretch the 72 mile road in between West Palm Beach and also Miami offers an exceptional glimpse the “The Sunshine State”. How much is Miami native West Palm Beach? about 72 miles. Hours/availability may have changed.

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Taxi is the best option if you desire to take it the trip at your own pace and wish to simply sit back and enjoy the roadway journey. Taxi way saving time ~ above check-in and also boarding. Uber runs some of the cheapest creates of taxis native West Palm coast to Miami. UberX is the low-cost Uber business that costs in between $63-85 for a solitary trip. With various other Uber taxis alternatives like UberXL, UberPOOL, LUX and LUX SUV, girlfriend will be able to choose the right taxi to suit your requirement. The road expedition is 71.06 miles and also it takes around 1.14 hours to with Miami via road. The various other taxi choice is to choose from the various taxis readily available by other private transport providers in Palm Beach, Florida. Taxi Fare Finder lets your book your taxis online and schedule a pick-up and also drop point of your choice. The Palm beach Taxi Fare Finder mirrors taxi rates by the Palm Beach, Florida taxi rates and the prices start indigenous $221.55 because that a solitary journey expedition from West Palm coast to Miami.

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steering on your very own is the ideal option if you arrangement to view it every by pulling over at places thru the journey. Even if it is you are driving your own car or renting out a car to travel from West Palm beach to Miami, there room two suggested routes for this roadway journey; via I-95 S - 71.6 mi - 1.11 hours and via FL-869 S and also I-95 S - 91.5 mi - 1.31 hours. With automobile rental carriers offering one-way and also return journey options, you gain to select whether to journey your means back from your destination or to choose other method of transport on your way back.You will find good rental vehicle deals throughout West Palm beach City and airport locations. You acquire to choose from car varieties like Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard, full Size, intermediate SUV, conventional SUV and also Minivan. The auto rental prices start from $14 a day when you pick an economic situation car.

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Tri-Rail is a passenger railway controlled by SFRTA - southern Florida local Transportation Authority the links major parts of Florida. The Tri-Rail West Palm Beach station is located at 203 southern Tamarind Avenue. Tri-Rail passenger trains operate every work from West Palm coast to Miami. There is a train that departs come Miami airplane every hour beginning 4:06 am till 8:46 pm. This stretch of 70.9 mile rail roadway runs follow me the south east Florida coast and comprises of 18 stations along the way.The weekday tickets for a single journey indigenous West Palm coast to Miami Airport are priced in ~ $6.90 and also the exact same tickets price $5 throughout weekends or holidays, their everyday passes room priced at $5. Tri-Rail likewise provides monthly passes because that this path which room priced in ~ discounted rates. The rail journey time because that this route takes a full of 2.22 hours.Next read: 10 ideal Beaches in Miami, Florida

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RedCoach U.S.A is a convenient and affordable alternative to flying and also driving for travelers transparent Florida. RedCoach is south America’s biggest transportation company that has remained in the transport sector for over 50 years. The RedCoach terminals and also bus stops are strategically located in key cities almost everywhere Florida plus the agency adds brand-new routes every month and also continues to connect every component of the state. The RedCoach bus fleet is furnished with the latest an innovation plus upmost security & security to certain travelers experience a truly exclusive motorcoach experience.RedCoach USA offers business and very first Class organization in the buses that run between West Palm coast to Miami. The travel time to cover this route is 1.20 hours and also the ticket prices variety from $11 to $31 depending upon the type of ticket purchased.Greyhound is yet another bus transport company provider the operates buses native West Palm coast to Miami. The bus journey via Greyhound bring away 1.35 to 3.40 hours and also the ticket prices selection from $10 to $15; the virtual tickets cost lesser than the offline tickets. The Greyhound buses provide toilet facility, wait conditioning, prolonged leg an are for all seats and cost-free Wi-Fi in every bus. The Greyhound buses running this route attach the Greyhound bus stops; West Palm beach Greyhound Bus Station and also North Miami coast Bus Station.Bike RidesGoogle says three paths for cycle journeys native West Palm beach to Miami; via US-1 S - 6.16 hours (72.9 mi), via S ocean Blvd - 6.36 hrs (76.3 mi) and also via N State Rd 7 S and also N university Dr - 7.05 hours (81.4 mi). West Palm coast is a biker’s haven that is considered the \"bicyclingest town in the USA\" for the location is blessed through year-round biking climate, also terrain and cemented streets. This West Palm beach cycling trails said by mapmyride supplies some the the many magnificent postcard-like intracoastal views and picturesque sceneries. The city of Palm beach has likewise introduced a bicycle-sharing device named SkyBike to encourage bike usage amongst tourists, residents and downtown workers alike.Miami is a perfect location to cruise on a bike and you have not had actually the yes, really Miami suffer till you take it the southern Pointe Park’s paved walkway and also witness that 360-degree oceanic view. The other popular bike destinations the Miami room Oleta State Park, Rickenbacker Trail, Amelia Earhart Park, south Beach Boardwalk and also Shark Valley.

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The Palm Beach worldwide Airport (PBI), situated three miles west of Palm Beach town serves Palm beach County and Greater Miami. The airplane embraces about 200 daily flights top top 13 airline which offer non-stop organization to end 25 destinations and connecting organization to destinations everywhere the world. In 2014 the airplane ranked together the 52nd busiest airport together it offered 6.5 million passengers during that year. Other than 4 levels the easily accessible and affordable parking options, PBI uses state-of-the-art airport framework from totally free Wi-Fi to fine dining options. Due to the fact that the cities space so close together, there are no direct flights native PBI to Miami; the trip travel time inclusive that layover is between 4.15 hrs to 14.40 hours. Airlines like American, United and also Silver prayer fly indigenous PBI to Miami via stopovers choose Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, Washington DC and also Newark. The trip tickets begin from a variety of $178 to fly this route.When you with Miami via flight, you will land in ~ the Miami international Airport (MIA) situated near downtown Miami. The is the main airport in Miami and likewise South Florida’s major airport for global long-haul flights. In 2011 MIA to be ranked first in the united state for hosting the highest number of international flights and also was ranked 2nd for its highest number of intercontinental passenger traffic. MIA supplies world-class endure to passengers combination with increased international route network for passenger and also cargo.Activities in ~ West Palm BeachWest Palm Beach is one of the three key cities of south Florida that enjoys a beautiful tropical rainforest climate. All the attractions in ~ West Palm Beach are easily easily accessible by public carry means; a totally free downtown trolley offers conveyance about downtown West Palm Beach like Clematis, City Place and Waterfront districts of the city. The city’s water taxis at the port provide to and fro transportation to downtown Clematis Street District, Sailfish Marina Resort, waterfront attractions, Peanut Island and other special occasions that take location in the vicinity. You deserve to hire a bike tourism to McCarthy\"s Wildlife Sanctuary, relax in ~ Okeeheelee Park and also check out the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens by walk. This list of West Palm coast Attractions lets you examine out the plenty of things this city needs to offer.Mesmerizing MiamiOne have the right to witness Florida\"s intoxicating beaches and rustling mangroves in Miami. It is one of the favourite winter getaway take trip destinations frequented by human being to bake in the sun and also party every night; affected by the early american charisma the St. Augustine, Miami is residence to throbbing nightlife. The clean water seas are constantly calling because that sailing, swimming and also adventurous water sports. In addition to lazing top top the white powdery beach sands while enjoying the sun and also surf, below is a perform of finest Things to execute in Miami that is a must checkout to plan your expedition at Miami. Indigenous the glamour that Palm coast to the quiet expanse of the everglades, practically every visitor is sure to find something come love in Miami.

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West Palm beach to Miami: Distance, Driving, by Plane, Train or Bus

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