Distillers have introduced many type of different ingredients to obtain new flavours, consisting of corn, wheat, rye and other grains.

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There have actually additionally continually experimented with new means of distilling and ageing their spirits, which is why we have so many kind of kinds of whisessential today.

One of the most exciting transforms in the civilization of whiskey is just how it has actually been bottled. Tright here have been dozens of differently-shaped whiscrucial bottle created over the years, in many kind of sizes.

From miniature 50ml bottles that you could discover on an aeroaircraft via to the huge 3 litres “Texas Mickey” bottles which come with their own pump as it is also hefty to pour directly from the bottle through accuracy! A lot of bottles have actually been supplied over the years.

In this article, I’m going to share some information on some of the different whiscrucial bottle sizes that have actually been used. I’ll additionally explain why some nations usage 750 ml bottles while others usage 700 ml.

A (Short) History Of Whiskey Containers

Although the art of distillation has been approximately for over 2 thousand also years, whisky was only emerged about 600 years ago.

We understand this because of historical record describing the death of a chieftain from “taking a surfeit of aqua vitae” — which was the name for whiskey at the time.

The earliest whiskeys were incredibly strong spirits that were typically single-distilled. They didn’t gain to spfinish a lot time ageing before being consumed, which made them fairly stormy on the palate.

These at an early stage whiskies were typically transported in casks, barrels, carboys, clay pots, ceramic jugs, stoneware jugs, metal flasks, or leather flasks.

These containers came in a vast variety of sizes. Although glass was offered in Ireland also and also Scotland also about this time, it was rarely supplied to hold whiskies.

The Move To Whiskey Bottles

By the late 18th Century, whisky was being produced in commercial amounts and also mostly offered in salt-glazed stoneware bottles. It was rarely marketed in glass bottles bereason glass was so expensive at the time.

The form of these early on glass whiskies bottles varied greatly. Whiskies was occasionally offered in ‘chestnut flasks’ which had a bulbous body and slender neck.

In the USA, they began to usage squat, cylindrical bottles, which were much less likely to falmost everywhere or break. Many kind of at an early stage glass flasks were flat-sided, pear-shaped or oval.

The creation of automatic glass bottle blowing devices in 1880 made glass a lot even more affordable and also made it easy to create glass bottles of a standardised size. Manufacturers can then produce bottles the same in size at a low expense.

Most bottles developed in the later 1ninth Century and at an early stage 20th Century look favor existing bottles. They were normally cylindrical in form, prefer a bottle of Glenlivet.

Jack Daniels made their famous square bottle was first made in 1895, with a few other whisky machines following suit.

Prohibition in the United States made flat, wide, “hip flask” style bottles even more famous as they were simpler to hide on the body.

Miniature whiskey bottles became much more famous about this time. Gradually, the kinds of bottles provided came to be standardised.


What Size Whiscrucial Bottles Are Common?

The many common whisvital bottle sizes in the 20th Century have included:

Miniature (1.5 oz/44 ml then 1.7 fl oz/50 mL)

Miniature whisvital bottles were extremely famous in prohibition-era United States. The original UNITED STATE miniature bottles were the exact same size as the jigger (1.5 oz/44 mL), which was provided to meacertain spirits.

They were additionally generally easily accessible in the U.S. as ⅛ Pint (2 oz. or 59 mL). The dimension of miniature bottles was adjusted to 50 ml after metrification.

This bottle is well-known because it is still offered on many commercial flights.

Half Pint (6.8 U.S. fl oz/200 mL)

Called a naggin in Ireland also or a media pinta in Spain, this is a little bottle that consists of about 2 drinks worth of whisvital.

Demi/Shoulder (11.8 U.S. fl oz/350 mL)

A Demi is fifty percent the dimension of a standard EU T2L Liquor Bottle. It is considered a pint in Europe metric measurements.

A Shoulder holds the same amount of whiskey but has a flask-choose style. Shoulder bottles are dubbed a double naggin in Ireland.

Tenth (12.8 U.S. fl oz/378 mL) — Outdated

This is an outdated bottle dimension that was reinserted by the 375mL bottle. It was recognized as a ‘Commercial Pint’. The ‘Pinta’ is a similar bottle size, which halfmeans between the U.S. and also European pints at 12.7 UNITED STATE fl oz/365 mL.

Half Litre (500 mL)

This bottle dimension is thought about a standardised metric ‘pint’ in Europe. However, it is not provided in the USA.

European Spirit Bottle (23.7 UNITED STATE fl oz/700 ml)

This is the traditional soul bottle dimension presently used by nations in the European Union. It is recognized as a European metric ‘quart’.

Not supplied in the USA. Before moving to this dimension, whiskies bottles in the UK were typically 26 ⅔ liquid ounces bottles.

Fifth (25.4 U.S. fl oz/750 ml)

The non-EU standard liquor bottle, which is a UNITED STATE metric ‘quart’. This is the the majority of prevalent spirit bottle dimension in the USA. Originally, a 5th was 25.6 UNITED STATE fl oz/757 mL however was reinserted by the 750 mL metric quart bottle.

Litre (33.8 U.S. fl oz/1000 mL)

A standardised metric ‘quart’ bottle. Often uncovered in duty-cost-free shops in airports!

Imperial Quart (38.5 U.S. fl oz/1.14 L) – Outdated

Called a ’40’ in Canada. This bottle size is outdated and no longer provided.

Half Gallon (59.2 U.S. fl oz/1.75 L)

This bottle is recognized as a Handle in Europe bereason it typically has actually a handle on the side. Called a 60 pounder in Canada because it is practically 60 fluid ounces.

In the USA, the outdated half-gallon bottle was 64 UNITED STATE fl oz/1.89 L.

Texas Micvital (101.4 UNITED STATE fl oz/3 L)

This is a substantial bottle that typically comes with a pump for dispensing the whiscrucial.

Why Are Standard Whisessential Bottle Sizes Different Between Countries?

Government regulators have actually attempted to standardise bottle sizes between countries because it is much easier for profession.

It likewise gives consumers some certainty around what they are receiving once purchasing a bottle of spirits and also provides it easier to compare worth.

In the UK, the standard whisvital bottle size was 26 ⅔ fluid ounces up until 1980, when they changed to 750ml. In 1992, the EEC (or EU as they speak to it now) readjusted the conventional spirit bottle dimension from 750ml to 700ml.

In the United States, the size of spirit bottles was regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (ATTTB).

In the late 1970s tbelow was a substantial press for the United States to relocate to the metric mechanism, so the ATTTB readjusted bottle sizes.

They made the conventional sprit bottle dimension 750 mL because it was cshed to a traditional ‘fifth’ of a gallon.

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Concerned that imported 700 mL bottles would confuse consumers, the ATTTV banned them. That’s why Americans have 750 mL whiskey bottles and Europe has 700 mL.

So tbelow you have actually it, a brief rundown on common whiscrucial bottle sizes. For even more whiskey related write-ups, subscribe to the blog!