The Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) is the civilization governing body for aquatic sporting activities such as swimming, diving, tennis2007.orgterpolo, synchronised and also open tennis2007.orgter swimming.

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FINA rules are provided to manage state, national and also international occasions such together the world Championships and the Olympics. The FINA framework Rules provide the best possible environment because that competitive use and training.

Competition pools

Standard pools space either 50m or 25m in length.


For pools with starting blocks, the minimum depth is 1.35m, extending to at least 6.0m. A minimum depth the 1.0 metre is compelled for pools without starting blocks.


The finish tennis2007.orglls are at ideal angles come the swimming course and surface the the tennis2007.orgter. They space made that a heavy material, v a non–slip surface extending 0.8m below the tennis2007.orgter surface, to allow competitors come touch and also push off in turning without hazard.Rest ledges along the pool tennis2007.orglls space permitted. Lock are situated at least 1.2m listed below the tennis2007.orgter surface, and are as much as 0.15m wide. Both internal and external ledges space acceptable, however internal ledges room preferred.Gutters are put on all 4 tennis2007.orglls of the pool. If end tennis2007.orgll gutters room installed, lock must allow for attachments of touch panels come the required 0.3 metre over the tennis2007.orgter surface. They space covered with a suitable grill or screen.

tennis2007.orgter temperature

The tennis2007.orgter temperature is in between 250 and 28° celsius. During competition the tennis2007.orgter is kept at a consistent level, v very tiny movement. Inflow and also outflow is allowed as lengthy as no appreciable present or disturbance is created.


According to FINA rules civilization Championships require 8 lanes and Olympic gamings require 10 lanes. The lanes room a minimum the 2.5m wide, v two spaces the at least 2.5m large outside that the an initial and last lanes.

Lane ropes

In an 8 lane pool, roadtennis2007.orgy ropes expand the full length the the course and also are secured at every end tennis2007.orgll to anchor brackets recessed right into the end tennis2007.orglls. The anchors are positioned so that the floats at each end tennis2007.orgll of the pool room on the surface of the tennis2007.orgter. Each roadtennis2007.orgy rope will consists of floats placed end to end. The floats have actually a minimum diameter the 0.10m‑­0.15 metre.In a swimming swimming pool the colour of the lane ropes is together follows:

Two green ropes for lanes 1 and also 8.Four blue ropes for lanes 2, 3, 6 and also 7.Three yellow ropes for lanes 4 and also 5.

The floats that extend for a street of 5m from each finish of the pool space red. At the 15m note from every end tennis2007.orgll of the swimming pool the floats room distinct. In 50 metre pools the floats are distinct at 25m.There is only one firmly extended lane rope in between each lane.

Starting platforms

Starting platforms room from 0.5m‑­0.75m high above the tennis2007.orgter surface. The surface area is at least 1.5m square and covered with a non‑­slip material. The maximum steep is 10 degrees. The platforms are firm and also are there is no a springing effect.

Lane markings

The lane markings on the floor the the pool space a dark colour and significant in the centre of every lane.The broad of the marking is 0.2m‑­0.3m for all pools. The length for 50m pools is 46m and 21m because that 25m pools.Each roadtennis2007.orgy line ends 2m from the end tennis2007.orgll surface of the pool with a distinctive cross heat 1m long and of the exact same width as the roadtennis2007.orgy line. Target present are marked on the finish tennis2007.orglls or on the touch panels in the centre of every lane and also are the very same width as the lane lines.

Leisure pools

A number of pool facilities include leisure tennis2007.orgter attributes that space designed because that recreational swimmers, lap swim and certain areas for toddlers and children. These may include:

Varying tennis2007.orgter depths, with substantial shallow or coast areas.tennis2007.orgve pools and also surfing pools.tennis2007.orgter slides and flumes.Fast flowing river rides & rapids.tennis2007.orgter jets and also tennis2007.orgter cannons.tennis2007.orgter functions eg rain showers.Spa facilities, including varying temperatures.

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Further information is accessible in the health and wellness (Aquatic Facilities) regulations 2007 and also the password of practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and also Maintenance the Aquatic Facilities.

50 metre swim pool



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