English bulldogs are renowned for sweetly slumbering away lot of the day and also our bulldog is no different. One minute he will be proactively chasing a ball, and also the following minute we deserve to hear the snoring far in his bed. As we watched our bulldog snooze through the day, we began to wonder, how numerous hours of sleep perform bulldogs need every day? and should we be involved by exactly how much our English bulldog to be sleeping throughout the day?On average, an English bulldog needs between 12 and also 14 hours of sleep per day, or around 50 percent of a 24-hour period. The quantity of sleep one English bulldog calls for will vary by that is age and level that activity. Older English bulldogs and also puppies will certainly sleep in between 16 and also 20 hours per day.

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Hours that sleep by English bulldog age

English bulldog ageHours the SleepPuppy18 – 20Adult12 – 14Senior16 – 18

English bulldog sleeping statistics

Since we room fortunate enough to very own an English bulldog we thought it would be fun to track some of his sleeping behavior over the course of a week and administer some statistics. Below is what we found out from our experiment:Over the course of a week, our English bulldog slept 113 hours, averaging roughly 16 hours per day.DaySunMonTuesWedThuFriSatTotalHours15:4514:0016:1516:4517:3016:1516:30113%14%12%14%15%15%14%15%100%

Hours slept per day


Percent of hours slept every day


Heatmap of hours slept end one week


Bulldog puppies between the ages of 0 – 18 months sleep between 18 – 20 hrs per day. Puppies once awake are energetic and energetic. The increased expenditure of power requires additional sleeping time come recuperate. Additionally, bulldog puppies are growing every day. Countless hours the sleep are necessary to flourish into a solid smart bulldog! therefore let your sleeping dog lie!If you’re wonder what space the best products use for your English bulldog, we got you covered. We produced a recommended commodities page which links to every product we personally usage for our English bulldog, Ollie.

How lot do English bulldogs sleep once they’re center aged?

Between the eras of 3 and also 6 you deserve to expect her bulldog to sleep about 12 – 14 hrs per day. Sleep will be largely at night with numerous naps sprinkled transparent the day. Normally speaking, a bulldog sleeps 50%, lounges 30% and is active 20% of its day.

How much do English bulldogs sleep once they’re old?

When your bulldog i do not care a senior citizen about the period of 7-8 they will start sleeping similar amounts of hrs to a puppy. Just like us humans the older your bulldog it s okay the an ext sleep and naps are needed to gain through the day.

What times of day perform English bulldogs sleep?

Bulldogs sleep 7 come 8 hrs uninterrupted transparent the night. Throughout the day bulldog naps will occur throughout the day and also total around 5 come 7 hours.

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What days of the week carry out English bulldogs sleep the most?

English bulldogs sleep patterns and also length the sleep is greatly influenced by their owner schedules. English bulldogs often tend to sleep much more during days once owners aren’t home since of work. For bulldogs whose owners space away at work Monday with Friday, those days will be their heaviest sleep days. Weekends or other days wherein owners are spending much more time at house will encourage a bulldog to stay awake for an ext hours to rise their pat time through their owners.

When must you be involved with her English bulldogs sleep?

If her bulldogs resting patterns change suddenly with no explanations prefer a liven day playing at the dog park, nothing be fear to reach the end to your regional vet. Signs of viral, bacter infections or cancer can include readjust in resting patterns in addition to some the the following:Bathroom mishaps inside the houseChange or ns of appetiteNot playing as frequentlyCoughingVomitingSneezingDiarrheaWhimpering or various other audible indications of painNot drinking lot waterDrinking too much waterGeneral lethargyBulldogs are amazing dogs with strong personalities, come make certain they’re happy let them snooze whenever they want. No one wants a exhausted cranky bulldog.Honestly, once a bulldog decides come sleep, the will and you won’t have the ability to wake castle from your slumber, also if you wanted too!