The tote has grown in popularity over the years, and it is simple to watch why. Durable, simple to handle, and with a huge volume capacity, totes have become the go-to solution for storing and also shipping a selection of items.

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In the world of global shipping, a dead usually refers to an Intermediate mass Container or IBC for short. These cleverly design containers are constructed for the transport and storage of mass liquid and granulated substances, such as liquids, chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc. The size and shape of IBCs provide companies through a cost-effective equipment to store and also transport items, as IBCs take up less room than various other items, such together drums.


IBCs are sold in a variety of shapes and also sizes, but the two most popular volumes are 275 gallons and also 330 gallons. This volume range is situated between drums and tanks, which is where the hatchet “intermediate” comes from. The most common outer dimensions room 48” x 40” x 46, make them best for shipping on a pallet. Their weight averages approximately 118 pounds for the 275-gallon model and 145 pounds for the 330-gallon model, yet this have the right to vary, depending on whether a metal cage is attached.

They space made the High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a high strength-to-density ratio product. Over there is a tap or valve at the base whereby a hose deserve to be attached to allow easy carry of contents into smaller sized containers for easy packaging, distribution, and also sale in your target location. This is vital when certain packaging and legal requirements must be guarantee locally. They also usually have actually metal cage housing for extra security.

IBCs can also be paired with items, together as hands-on hydraulic tilt tables and IBC insulated covers. Manual hydraulic tilt tables room designed come tilt IBC totes, containers, tubs, wire baskets, and also boxes and enable easier access to retrieving or put parts into a container. The manual pump is one economical equipment to placing the container at the right tilt angle for the finest ergonomic solution. Plenty of have a tilt variety of 0-20° and a volume of 3,000 lbs. And can take care of most applications integrated fork pockets space standard and enable the tilt table to be conveniently transported by forklift or walk-behind stacker.

IBC insulated covers are manufactured from a polyurethane coated nylon through a highly reliable layer of thermal insulation consisted of within. Velcro is supplied to for sure the side jacket and can be made to order. They are perfect for as soon as you must keep the components in the IBC tote warmth or cool.

IBC Uses

IBCs deserve to be supplied for a range of purposes. The most famous uses include: storing and also shipping mass chemicals (including hazardous materials or dangerous goods); commodities and raw materials used in industrial production; liquid, granulated, and powdered food ingredients; food syrups (such as corn syrup or molasses); and petrochemical assets (such as solvents, detergents, or adhesives).

As you deserve to see, IBC totes are an extremely versatile. In addition to being offered as a shipping and also storage container, IBC totes deserve to be offered for rainwater collection, as the structure blocks for aquaponic systems, and as a gardening tool.


If you have a garden, large or small, you have the right to use IBC totes because that water storage and also converting it into a “Vegtank.” because they are durable, deserve to hold plenty of water, and can be associated to a hose, IBCs are great tools because that storing water. Lock can additionally be converted into storage for her plants and also vegetables. The container can carry out shelter to farming plants, and you can develop a microclimate within the tank for various types of herbs and plants.


To prize the question at the start of the article, intermediate mass containers can typically hold one of two people 275 gallons or 330 gallons. There space IBCs in various other sizes, yet they are not generally used. The famous 275-gallon and also 330-gallon sizes carry out businesses and manufacturers v a cost-friendly and also efficient method to ship and store a variety of materials. Lock can also be provided for various other purposes, such together a house for your plants and a water storage solution.

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Air Sea Containers uses a wide range of IBC products and also accessories, and it provides fast and secure shipping, all with a great price. If you have any questions or space in need of details size IBC, please call our familiar team, and we’ll be happy to help.