WHY progressive PEAFOWL?

Looking for an exquisite bird come raise? then the peafowl maybe for you. Their iridescent tails have the right to be marketed to acquire a little more profit external of their meat and eggs. Lock live off of grains, insects, snakes, tiny fish, and frogs, so they will be great pest remover.

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Peafowl are polygamous birds. One male will mate with four to 5 peahens. Most peahens will certainly not lay in their very first year the production. Throughout the 2nd and 3rd years, lock will develop a few eggs. It is not till their 4th year the they will certainly lay five to ripe eggs a year. If egg are removed from the nest, a peahen may lay an additional clutch or two, but she will certainly not have the ability to incubate much more than ten eggs. If there space too countless eggs, synthetic incubation or a foster mother turkey hen deserve to be used. Special shrubbery is an excellent place for nesting. There is likewise the option to confine peahens come a pen or yard during egg laying duration in the spring to beforehand summer.

Incubation and Brooding

Peahen egg incubate for 28 come 30 days. The simplest method is to allow the peahens (or foster mothers) to incubate their own eggs in the open or huge confined coop for 6 to 7 weeks. Younger hen usually perform not resolve in confinement. If this happens, conference the eggs to be artificially incubated in the same method as a chicken. Artificially incubated eggs deserve to be brooded by turkey foster mothers or reared in confinement similar to turkeys.

During the brooding period, that is recommended to confine the mother. If the mommy was to roam v her chicks, over there is a greater possibility that the chicks might be lost as result of the environment and inclement weather.

Keep the chicks confined through the mommy for the an initial week, then they can come and go as they you re welcome for the second week, but are maybe to return to their mother. Having the mommy confined keeps the chicken from wondering off. After 7 weeks release the mother.


Young peafowl deserve to be fed turkey feed. Turkey starter and also a series of grower rations will certainly last around four months. Final grower rations have to be feeding to peafowl till they reach one year old. If turkey feeding is no available, chicken feed deserve to be used, but is has actually a lot smaller portion of protein that is need for the peafowl.

Keep grit, oyster shell, and also water accessible at all times. Peafowl will eat insects and also if over there is sufficient it will certainly supply lock with enough protein.

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Unfortunately organic insect supply just last for around six months, so a protein supplement should be provided when insects room not available.