s does it have, how plenty of vertices and also how countless edges? a triangle pyramid ... How plenty of faces does that have, how numerous vertices and how plenty of edges?


1: 8 faces and 9 v the base 9 vertices and 16 edges

2: 3 faces and 5 through the bases 6 vertices and 9 edges

3: 3 faces and also 4 with the basic 4 vertices and also 6 edges

Hope this can assist you.

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octagonal: 8 faces, 16 edges, 9 verticestriangular pyramid: 3 faces, 6 edges, 4 verticestriangular prism: 3 faces, 9 edges, 6 vertices

Step-by-step explanation:

A pyramid has actually twice as many edges as faces, and also 1 more vertex 보다 faces.

Octa- way 8.

Tri- means 3.

a) an octagonal pyramid has 8 faces, 16 edges, and also 9 vertices.

b) A triangular pyramid has actually 3 faces, 6 edges, and also 4 vertices.


A triangular prism will have actually 3 extr edges because that the second \"base\", and 2 extr vertices.

c) A triangular prism has actually 3 faces, 9 edges, and 6 vertices.


Additional comments

We have actually not count the base together a \"face.\" We have actually only counting those that accomplish at the point of the pyramid.

There space as many vertices on the base as there space faces, and also there is one more vertex wherein all the encounters meet.

There is one edge at the base because that each face, and there is one edge from the base vertex come the allude of the pyramid for each face--a complete of two edges every face.


A triangle pyramid is presented in the attachment.


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Brainliest=first right:)
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The tennis2007.org is 1, great luck
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