The Yamaha Blaster was a breakthrough for off-road riding, yet sadly, it was discontinued in 2006. Fortunately, though, it to be such a substantial success, and also you can uncover lots that resellers online. Yamaha Blaster components are additionally still gift sold, too. If you’re considering gaining one of these, then here’s what you should know.

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The Yamaha Blaster was one of the best ATVs ever before made since of that is two-stroke engine that made that both nimble and lightweight. That was also budget-friendly, and also its parts were basic to replace and modify since its specs continued to be the same, even if it is it was a 1994 or a 2004 Blaster.

Not sure whether to obtain a Yamaha Blaster? Here’s a straightforward guide to familiarize you with all the specs and features of this vehicle. ~ this review, you might just readjust your mind about them!

The price because that it is still fairly low, yet it varies depending upon the year and also condition. You will certainly likely discover mid condition Blasters to be no much more than $2000 every in all. Some go together high together $3000, but usually, you won’t must spend that much on terrific quality Blaster.

If you obtain a lower-priced Blaster, the possibilities are the you might need come replace details parts, such as the Yamaha Blaster carburetor, as they have already been worn out. Being able to replace its parts easily and also rebuild it is one of its main advantages though. This help it stay in height shape and extends in shelf life.

Yamaha Blaster top Speed

For a straightforward ATV, Yamaha Blasters can go nice fast. At top speed, it can reach about 55 mph. Through a small fixing up and also maintenance, friend can acquire it to 30 to 40 hp. Editing enough can assist you bump up its horsepower to 45 hp. It might rival a Yamaha Raptor if you put in the work.

Blasters are fun to ride and have sufficient power to get you through practically any trail. If you’re just starting or desire to introduce ATV riding come a friend, a Yamaha Blaster is perfect because that the job.

One of the Blaster’s finest qualities is that you can easily replace parts, and also make it good as new. Parts for that are accessible and, with countless high-quality commodities that deserve to be found anywhere. Due to the fact that of this, Blasters can become very durable rides that can last girlfriend a lifetime.

Yamaha Blaster vs Banshee

Another popular car made by the same agency is Yamaha Banshee. The 2 have comparable features, such together being two-stroke, carburetors, and hydraulic discs. Both of lock were also discontinued as result of strict regulations, and many riders often compare the two.

The Yamaha half an hour is better suited because that experts since they pack an ext power. Castle have much more speed, too. However, Blasters are better suited because that recreational purposes, and a ton the riders have the right to attest that it’s an excellent ride because that someone searching for an all-around vehicle.

Comparing Models

Although Yamaha Blasters have actually a newmodel for everywhere, they have the right to be generalised into two groups. Every the ones prior to from ~ the 2000s deserve to be grouped, and the older ones would certainly be the same.

Notable Features

About Yamaha

Yamaha is a manufacturer in Japan that creates a selection of motorcycles, boats, and other motorized products. Castle are known for their top-tier design while still gift comfortable to ride. Their commodities are known to be long-lasting and reliable. Two decades later, countless riders still consider their Yamaha Blaster as one of the ideal ATVs and continue come resell and buy it.

Conclusion – Yamaha Blaster Specs and Review

Yamaha Blasters space 200 cc two-stroke ATVs the were initially made as an entry-level ride. Many thanks to the Yamaha team, this Blasters ended up being one the the top-selling ATVs the its time. Yamaha Blasters proceed to be in ~ the top of the list for many riders. That is simple to use, and also while over there are much more powerful and faster machines made by Yamaha, Blasters are still really funny to journey around any type of sort of terrain.

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If you desire something the gets friend the finest bang for your buck, Yamaha Blasters space the means to go.