If it was feasible to make 1 come 100 atom thick file size sheet, would certainly we see trought it and also able to feeling it? Or will it be fully senseless and also destroyed upon the the smallest oscillation of air?

Sheets the graphene one-atom thick have the right to be manufactured. You need to handle them v care, however they're not all that fragile, considering. And also you deserve to see them since they're no 100% transparent to visible light.

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Aren't graphene sheets affixed to some sort of surface though? ns can't imagine the being possible to connect or even construct something together its cost-free floating form.

Admittedly graphene is one extremely strong light absorber, through a theoretical details absorption coefficient of approximately 1,000,000 cm-1 (iirc); not plenty of materials can complement it. Together such, unequal graphene, numerous materials as much as a couple of tens of atom thick will show up essentially transparent. This includes, for example, metals. Gold foil that the thickness offered in the Rutherford alpha fragment scattering experiment (~80 nm) is translucent, and also films that thickness around 10 nm are an overwhelming to see.

Paper isn't an element: the doesn't consists one form of atom. The doesn't even consist the one type of molecule. It's a facility arrangement that fibres and stuff difficult them together. Therefore it more than likely isn't possible to have actually something the thin and still contact it paper.

I'd prefer to allude out that OP didn't say document as in wood pulp paper, yet "paper sized sheet" i m sorry is pertaining come a size fairly than an element/molecule.

I have misinterpreted this question.

OP: file sized paper of what? You'd be amazed just how thin gold can get and still it is in substantial. Various other stuff, not so much. For this reason it completely depends top top the material.

Here is a an easy answer;

Are you conscious of Gold/Silver foils in some fancy food? ns come from India and also we favor to placed gold and silver varks/leafs on our sweets. These sheets are approximately 100 to 1000 atom class thin.

yes lock are conveniently visible. You deserve to touch them, taste them. They space fragile but you can work v them without ruining them, if you are careful. A tiny breeze will certainly hardly ache it.

I have actually handled thin-foil filters made of aluminum. Those are the thinnest aluminum foil approximately - 1000 Angstroms thick, more or less - maybe 10X the thickness you space thinking about. They frequently look as with a thin-but-not-that-thin piece of aluminum. I when put my finger through one. Didn't feel a thing.

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(such filter are offered to block the end visible irradiate while permitting extreme ultraviolet to happen through).


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