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Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users uncovered flights ~ above this route for $134 or much less one-way and $259 or much less round-trip.The cheapest flight from Miami to Seattle was uncovered 16 days prior to departure, ~ above average.Book at the very least 1 week prior to departure in stimulate to obtain a below-average price. High season is thought about to be May, June and also July. The cheapest month to paris is August.Morning leave is around 30% cheaper than an night flight, top top average*.*Average the the lowest prices shown in’s search results for departures in ~ the next 30 days
Which airlines have actually a flexible cancellation plan for flights from Miami to Seattle because of COVID-19?
American Airlines, Qatar Airways and GOL have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Miami come Seattle. Confirm policies on booking site.

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How lengthy does a trip from Miami to Seattle take?
The median nonstop trip takes 9h 04m, covering a distance of 2721 miles.

How many flights are there between Miami and also Seattle?
There space usually 5 straight flights every day leave Miami in the direction the Seattle, for a complete of 35 flights weekly.

Which airlines administer the cheapest flights native Miami to Seattle?
The finest deals for a one-way ticket discovered by individuals over the last 3 days were on Frontier ($73) and also Spirit airlines ($80). The cheapest round-trip ticket were discovered on soul Airlines ($161) and JetBlue ($168).

Do I need a passport come fly between Miami and also Seattle?
Your flight ticket price will normally be cheaper if you fly to Seattle top top a Tuesday and much more expensive top top a Thursday. On her return pilgrimage to Miami, you should think about flying back on a Wednesday, and also avoid Thursdays for far better deals.

Which airports will I be using as soon as flying indigenous Miami to Seattle?
When flying the end of Miami you will be utilizing Miami. You will certainly be landing at Seattle, likewise known together Seattle/Tacoma Intl.

How walk discover such low prices top top flights from Miami come Seattle? is a take trip search engine. That way we look across the internet to find the ideal prices we can discover for ours users. Through over 2 billion flight queries handle yearly, we are able to display screen a variety of price and options on flights indigenous Miami to Seattle.

How walk's trip Price projection tool aid me pick the ideal time to buy my flight ticket native Miami come Seattle?’s trip Price projection tool uses historical data to determine whether the price because that a flight to Seattle indigenous Miami is most likely to change within 7 days, for this reason travelers recognize whether come wait or publication now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights indigenous Miami come Seattle?
Hacker Fares enable you to integrate one-way tickets in order to conserve you money end a classic round-trip ticket. You might then fly to Seattle with an airline and earlier to Miami with another airline.

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What is's "flexible dates" feature and why have to I treatment when in search of a trip from Miami to Seattle?
Sometimes travel dates aren"t collection in stone. If your desired travel days have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you every the choices when paris to Seattle native Miami as much as 3 work before/after your desired dates. You deserve to then choose the flights that suit friend best.

Cons: "My entertainment mechanism wasn't working. Kept freezing and also restarting. Ns was allowed ton move seats, yet the same thing occurred on the others i tried."
Cons: "We waited in the runway for 2 hours after landing. No the airline fault however completely unacceptable."
Pros: "I was in 6A, next to crew seat. Our male was wonderful. Cheery, pretty patter but not condesending."
Cons: "The crew on this particular flight to be rude and also one trip attendant in certain waddled so she hips hit everyone on the aisle seats and I'm not right here to bump and also grind with center aged women. The inflight to chat kept having actually issues and also it was turbulent for many of the flight."