Twisted Tea is, for fairly a couple of people, no less than the drink the the summer, It"s quite perhaps the world"s favourite alcoholic tea and also a beverage because that the undeniably twisted. Tiny is known about how the famous beverage pertained to be, however one point is because that certain: it has been well-known and loved for a full two decades by tea lover alike. 

After all, tea is the world"s many consumed beverage (not count water), as National Geographic reports, v an estimated six billion cups of the stuff consumed an international in a day. It"s no wonder so countless of us were excited as soon as alcohol was included to the mix and also then yielded to us in a practically bottle and can form. So, what"s the story behind the beverage that brought two of ours favorites together? where did all of the mim come from? and also who began it all? keep on reading to learn much more about the untold truth of Twisted Tea. 

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You may first be wondering who, exactly, is behind the Twisted Tea moniker. Transforms out, it"s own by the Boston Beer Company, who also happen to be the guys who created numerous of our other favorite beverages, consisting of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Truly tough Seltzer, angry Orchard hard cider, and also more. Founded in 1984, the agency began with its first brand, the now ubiquitous Samuel Adams Boston Lager. 6 weeks later on the beverage took its place as "The best Beer in America" in The good American Beer Festival"s customer Preference Poll, according to the Boston Beer agency website. 

Twisted Tea come along later in the company"s success, with a 2001 debut. Because the Boston Beer Company"s opening, it has actually paved the means for various other companies come follow with its effective branding and partnerships, too. An ext recently, Boston Beer has teamed with PepsiCo to offer the fan-favorite beverage hill Dew a boozy treatment that will hit shelves in early on 2022, states USA Today.

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To make its combination of tea and also alcohol even better, Twisted Tea offers nine various flavors, so the every fan have the right to have just the taste lock like. These include offerings together as fifty percent & Half, slightly Sweet, Blueberry, Light, Peach, Mango, Blackberry, Raspberry, and, the course, the ever-present Original. Critical summer, the brand likewise offered some new flavors in the type of black Cherry and also Passion Fruit, follow to Delish. 

For those that really desire to action things up a notch and enjoy every the Twisted Tea the they can, pan can also purchase the Twisted Tea Bag N" Box, a five-liter cardboard keg complete of the brand"s initial flavor. As the labeling says, it"s "Like a crate of wine. (But means better.)"

The brand"s original flavor tastes rather a lot prefer iced tea v a organic lemon flavor, follow to the Twisted Tea main website. All varieties are bottled at 5% alcohol through volume and come in many packaging options, such together a 6 to 18 load of 12oz cans, and also a 24oz can, five-liter Bag N" Box, and also the 10-liter Bag N" Box.

Twisted Tea go its best to accommodate anyone by maintaining its drinks allergen-free. It"s also brewed with actual tea leaves, herbal flavorings, and a malt base acquired from beer, follow to the Twisted Tea FAQ page. Of course, offered that beer-based malt and the reality that it supplies brewed tea leaves, Twisted Tea is certainly not gluten or caffeine-free. The said, the doesn"t contain any type of ingredients containing milk, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts, or soy.

With about 1.1% the the general populace affected by a peanut or tree nut allergy, according to a study published in the journal of Allergy and also Clinical Immunology, that"s a pretty huge deal. Furthermore, given that approximately 79 million people in the human being are eat a vegetable diet (per The Vou), Twisted Tea"s absence of pet products is additionally undoubtedly attractive for plenty of imbibers, too. The brand is ultimately permitting most to enjoy it next to the swimming pool on a hot summer day by maintaining allergens and dietary complications reasonably minimal. 

The brand mirrors its fan appreciation not just by keeping its beverage largely complimentary of allergens but also by putting the faces of those same fans ideal on the cans. That"s right: your face can it is in plastered top top a cold deserve to of Twisted Tea. As part of the process, the brand looks because that the most an imaginative and "twisted" image to display screen on the earlier label the its cans, according to its main website. 

With categories such as food, sports, DIY, and also the good outdoors, there are countless possibilities regarding what you might submit and also have presented off on the side of a can. Of course, there are rules to the submission. Drinkers portrayed in the photo must be at least 25 years old, while any kind of photo submitted need to not depict anyone in reality drinking. And of course, Twisted Tea won"t noodle to any displays that drunk driving, sexually clearly content, or any type of illegal activity. Fairly a few other rules follow that have the right to be discovered here if you"re interested in submitting a photo and showing off her love because that Twisted Tea yourself. 

The brand is likewise currently running a "TeaDrop" contest, within fans deserve to win a year"s it is provided of the beverage, as well as Twisted Tea summer merch.

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The Twisted Tea brand has had actually its downfalls, of course, v its faster being associated in a lawsuit end its name earlier in November 2000. Before the Twisted Tea we all know and love to be launched, it went by the surname "BoDean"s Twisted Tea," a nod to absent music team The BoDeans. Unfortunately, the band didn"t appreciate the brand making money turn off of its name, especially given that no one had actually apparently asked the band members around a participation or payment them in any type of way, according to the Milwaukee business Journal. 

When the firm took out an ad for the beverage featuring info about the band"s summer festival, per alphabet News, they didn"t take it too lightly, alleging trademark infringement. This all led to a rather lengthy legal fight between the band and the Boston Beer agency over the issue of the name.

"It"s one thing to have a common name, however to represent us and lead people to think that , that"s also much. Us don"t endorse it, and also it shouldn"t look that way," singer-guitarist cut Neumann told abc News. Eventually, after ~ an nearly year-long battle, the agency agreed to avoid selling the product under the BoDean"s name and dropped it down to Twisted Tea. 

Twisted Tea gained an ext popularity as soon as one details video went viral in late 2020. In the clip in question, follow to VinePair, a male named Barry Allen is seen getting affiliated in a verbal altercation through an intoxicated guy in a Ohio convenience store. The guy repeatedly hurled gyeongju slurs at Allen, that is Black, and likewise threatened Allen"s family members members and also asked invasive questions. 

The male made it really clear in the video clip that that wasn"t going to stop, for this reason Allen take it things right into his very own hands — literally. He picked up a 22-ounce deserve to of Twisted Tea and smacked the male right throughout the face, hard enough to do the deserve to explode. This brought about a physics fight, while the video itself led to a variety of memes around Twisted Tea as a weapon the choice. It also garnered some celebrity treatment for Allen, at least on part social media platforms and news sites. 

"I called my mam as shortly as I acquired in the car, and I called her i hit a man in the face with a can, and she"s like, "I know, I"m city hall it,"" Allen told the podcast "Mark One Sports." After the incident, Allen was nicknamed "Mr. TeaKO" by the internet, and the Twisted Tea Guy, and has due to the fact that used his platform to speak out around racism favor what he skilled in the original TeaKO incident.

Although it didn"t select to sponsor Mr. TeaKO himself (per Popculture), Twisted Tea does have a few deals with other brands and teams under that belt. Namely, NASCAR. In 2021, the brand geared approximately sponsor the 59th yearly World series of racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park top top October 9th, according to RaceDayCT. 

Additionally, back in 2017, Twisted Tea and racer Ty Dillon, follow me with Germain Racing and also Richard athletic Racing (RCR), gotten in into a long-term commitment to sponsor the number 13 car, a Chevrolet SS (via ). Twisted Tea offered as the sponsor for pick races during the 2017 Monster energy NASCAR Cup Series.

"We"ve been associated with NASCAR for a few years, and we understand that Richard athletic Racing, Germain Racing and also Ty Dillon space the best of the best, and also we couldn"t ask for a far better team to race with," an elderly Director, Head of Marketing Michelle Sullivan called NASCAR at the time. "Our team members and Twisted Tea drinkers space fiercely faithful NASCAR fans, and we want to companion with a team and driver that share the exact same commitment to a captivating gyeongju day — even if it is it it is in on the actual race track or v a twisted tailgate special Twisted Tea."

Twisted Tea likewise sponsors the well-known gaming competitors and streamers known as 100 theif in a multi-year deal taken up alongside the Boston Beer Company"s Truly difficult Seltzer brand, according come The Esports Observer. With the deal, Twisted Tea will gain to do all sorts of fun stuff through the gaming brand, including sponsoring a food preparation show and also live streams v 100 Thieves" Jack "CouRage" Dunlop. Truly, because that its part, is collection to sponsor 100 thieves founder Matthew Haag"s golf-related endeavors as part of the deal.

"I"m important excited around this partnership through Truly and Twisted Tea," 100 thef Founder and CEO Matthew Haag told Esports Insider at the moment of the announcement in march 2021. "We"re large hard seltzer and hard iced tea fans over right here at 100 Thieves, and I"m also a huge fan that anything that gets me on the golf course because that work!"

In 2021, Twisted Tea offered out $25,000 for national Tattoo Day to "loyal and also wild" fans who were therefore dedicated, they gained the brand tattooed top top them, according to Rochester Twisted Tea is collection to choose out 25 winners up through September 15. 

As the brand has received an increasing variety of submissions for the contest, it has actually noticed one template that has stood out from the rest: a combination of Twisted Tea and the sunglasses brand Pit Viper. "After an unpreventable amount of tattoo photos featuring Twisted Tea cans sporting Pit Vipers do their means into our inbox, we decided it was time to have actually a meeting of the minds," Pit Viper marketing director Spencer Harkins said, per Unofficial Networks.

This "meeting that the minds" resulted in a collaboration between motorsport challenger Travis Pastrana and also the brand, which exit an exclusive "Bag N" Box" filled with 168 ounces the Twisted Tea original flavor beverages, as well as a pair the 2000s Pit Viper sunglasses branded through — what else? — the Twisted Tea name.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Twisted Tea has done well in 2020, v the Boston Beer Company"s stock cultivation over 160% (per invest U). In fact, it has actually done even better than its sister brand Samuel Adams, follow to Good Beer Hunting. In July 2021, Truly and also Twisted Tea accounted for 84% that the complete volume for Boston Beer, when the standard Sam Adams Boston Lager only consisted of less 보다 8 percent of the company"s volume.

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It"s clean that, while plenty of other restaurants and companies are dealing with serious hurdles in the challenge of a global pandemic and also economic upheaval, Twisted Tea and also a couple of other brands space doing just fine. "Twisted Tea proceeds to create double-digit volume growth rates that are significantly over full-year 2020 trends," Chief executive Dave Burwick stated, according to MarketWatch. If that trend continued, Twisted Tea could very well become one that the most popular fixtures in liquor stores and cold instances everywhere.