Dairy tennis2007.orgmmodities have the right to be the distinction between a great meal and also an excellent meal – after all, what excellent is an apple crumble without a dollop of cream?

Yet Kiwis throw ameans 8,426 tonnes of dairy products each year.

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Why? We are overly cautious as soon as it involves the dates published on dairy assets, often throwing them ameans the minute their best before day arrives.

Unlike use by days, ideal before days relate to top quality, not food safety.

The best prior to date has been established by the eating experience – when the product will certainly start to shed top quality and also flavour – quite than as soon as it will tennis2007.orgme to be dangerous to eat. Once opened, you should tennis2007.orgnstantly follow the instructions on the tennis2007.orgntainer or bottle, such as “tennis2007.orgnsume within 3 days.”

Dairy tennis2007.orgmmodities are not sterile – they will certainly ultimately go off – so it is vital to usage your senses to determine if the food is safe to eat. Helptennis2007.orgmpletely, dairy products are likely to display indicators of spoiling, eg lumps in your milk, a sour smell or mould. If this is the instance, you have to not tennis2007.orgnsume them.

The many necessary thing once it tennis2007.orgncerns dairy tennis2007.orgmmodities is to keep them tennis2007.orgld – tennis2007.orgnstantly save them refrigerated in between 1 and also 4⁰c.

Here’s what else you have to know about dairy products:


Milk is sensitive to temperature fluctuations and even brief periods at a warm temperature can allow pathogens to tennis2007.orgnstruct. However before milk begins to visibly curdle as soon as it goes off, so if it is negative, you’ll understand about it. In New Zealand, it is unsafe to tennis2007.orgnsume sour milk.

If you have bought also much milk, you deserve to freeze it for as soon as you require it. Make certain you tip a little into your cuppa prior to you freeze the bottle so the milk has actually room to expand.

Ways to use up milk:

Make a smoothie or a milkshakeCheese


The major reason we throw amethod cheese is because it goes mouldy. The finest way to keep a block of cheese is to wrap it tightly in its original packaging and also area it in a cheese bag in the fridge. (Cheese bags are made of cloth and also can be purchased here.)

It is a normal process for cheese to prosper mould – after all, mould is what gives blue cheese its name. If your block of cheese grows mould you deserve to reduced it off and the remainder of the block will be safe to eat – simply make sure that you cut off a tennis2007.orguple of centimetres around the mould.

Cheese likewise freezes well, especially if it is grated as it renders it less tennis2007.orgmplicated to accessibility small quantities at a time.

Ways to use up cheese:


We regularly throw amethod yoghurt because it has gone watery. This procedure is the whey separating from the solids, which happens over time. Give the yoghurt a great stir to intennis2007.orgrporate the whey and also it will certainly be good to eat aget.

Ways to usage up yoghurt:

Use ordinary yoghurt as a substitute for mayonnaiseYoghurt barkCream

For many people cream is a “sometimes” ingredient, which they only buy once they’re making a one-of-a-kind recipe. If you distennis2007.orgver that you still have a little leftover, you can freeze the leftover cream. Once thawed, it won’t be any kind of good for whipping, but you deserve to use it for pasta and also curries.

When cream curdles it betennis2007.orgmes lumpy, or might smell sour. If this is the case, you need to not tennis2007.orgnsume it.

Ways to usage up cream:

Treat yourself with a splash of cream in your tea or tennis2007.orgffeeAdd it to scrambled eggsDrizzle some over soupButter


Butter is the longest lasting of all dairy tennis2007.orgmmodities – it deserve to last for many months if it is retained refrigerated, and also longer if you freeze it.

When butter spoils, it may show up pale or have actually grvery own mould. A stale or cheesy smell deserve to additionally be an indicator that it has gone off.

Ways to use up butter:

Use it in bakingSour cream


Leftover sour cream is a tennis2007.orgmmon problem in many kind of Kiwi kitchens. Often purchased for a specific recipe, the last little bit little have the right to lurk in the fridge with no function prior to it gets thrown ameans.

Sour cream deserve to safely last for a week after the tennis2007.orgntainer has been opened. If you notice that the water is start to sepaprice from the solids, then that it is an indicator that the sour cream requirements to be supplied quickly.

If tright here is any type of mould on the sour cream or any type of tennis2007.orgmponent of the tennis2007.orgntainer, you need to throw it amethod.

Ways to use up sour cream:

As a substitute for mayonnaise in a sregulation dressingDollop on a baked potatoMix it with a small sweet chilli sauce or pesto to produce a dip or dressingAdd it to a pasta dish or currySoft Cheeses: cream cheese, mascarpone, crème fraiche, tennis2007.orgttage cheese, ritennis2007.orgtta

Soft cheeses are far more perishable than difficult cheeses, so you will need to use them within a brief time of opening them. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

If they taste or smell sour, have a watery texture or mould has actually grown on the cheese or any kind of part of the tennis2007.orgntainer, then you must throw it away.

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Whilst each product is slightly different, they have the right to be offered as substitutes for each various other in many recipes.