What might seem choose a trivial job to many hobbyists, removing and replacing (or reinstalling) a distributor can easily degenerate into a time-consuming, frustrating job that can result in great an obstacle in gaining an engine to run properly. Although many "shade tree mechanics" know the duty of a distributor, plenty of forget that its operation should be perfect phased with that the the camshaft. A person could go to an excellent lengths to mark the place of the distributor ~ above the engine block and also then fully overlook the place of the rotor shaft, or vice-versa. This mistake is so simple to perform that also "seasoned" specialists constantly do it, ending up with an engine that won"t begin or is so far progressed or retarded in timing the it right runs.

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The following is presented to present you exactly how to protect against mistakes and gain a small confidence in the process, whether you space replacing the distributor in one old engine or reassembling a brand-new one. Psychic at every times that both valves ~ above the "master" cylinder (usually #1 cylinder) should be closed, an interpretation the piston is at top Dead Center.Step 1 - Crank The EngineBefore act anything v the distributor, crank the engine to optimal Dead Center, so the the timing mark on the crank sheave is in ~ the TDC or 0 note on the time reference. This is much easier said 보다 done, however, since the crankshaft transforms at twice the rate of the camshaft. Therefore, not only do you must line up the time marks, however you need to make certain the piston in #1 cylinder is in ~ the optimal of that compression stroke.

Timing point out on Mustang 6

Tip: Engines room usually dirty up front, so as soon as you uncover the time marks repaint them through a tiny correction fluid (White-Out, liquid Paper, etc.). Lock stand the end beautifully under the time light"s pulses.So exactly how do you execute this without exposing the valves? Carefully, very carefully. The course, if the engine has been running perfectly prior to removal that the distributor, just crank the engine until the rotor present up v the place on the distributor cap wherein #1 spark plug wire is located. However, if her engine is to run poorly — or no at all — you can"t do the assumption that the distributor is correctly positioned.The best means to know you room at TDC is come look at the valves, therefore if you"re planning on replacing valve sheathe gaskets walk ahead and take the sheathe off. If girlfriend aren"t lean to do so you might try a little mirror (dental mirrors job-related well) that deserve to be placed in the oil fill hole in the valve cover. If you"re lucky - and also the feet is close come the #1 valves - friend will have the ability to observe the valves together you crank the engine.If nobody of the above is practical, take out the spark plug on #1 cylinder and put her finger strict in the hole. Progressively crank the engine, utilizing a remote switch or who else making use of the key, yet just a little "tick" in ~ a time. You are feeling for a vacuum or pressure. Here"s where it it s okay a tiny tricky. If friend feel push the piston is either coming increase from the bottom the the intake stroke or coming up indigenous the bottom the the strength stroke. Because you don"t understand which, friend are trying to find vacuum. Once you feeling vacuum, the piston is pulling in mixture come compress, and also therefore the next pressure you feeling is the of the compression stroke. Keep ticking the starter until the timing marks heat up and you will virtually certainly be in ~ TDC unless you"ve made some gross error of judgment.Worst case scenario: If you can"t be certain of TDC no issue how difficult you try, just crank the engine to the timing marks and install the distributor as below. You was standing a 50% chance of it being right. If the engine won"t start or backfires through the carburetor, download the distributor 180 levels from whereby it is and you"ll it is in in the round park.Now go To The DistributorAssuming you space replacing the distributor, take the end the hold-down clamp the keeps that in place. Some of these are difficult to see, however locate it and remove the clamp and hardware. There"s no reason to mark the old distributor because it won"t it is in going earlier in.Now to compare the new (or rebuilt) distributor through the old one. Room they identical? room the total shaft lengths equal? do both have actually the same variety of gear teeth? If not, you must make sure the new distributor will fit, also though it could not look exactly the same. Next, go the brand-new one have a vacuum advance mechanism or execute you have to use your old one? If you require the old one make certain it"s working by sucking ~ above the vacuum fitting.

Setting the allude gap. Keep in mind the points" wiper is top top the reminder of the distributor cam.

Stop currently and collection the suggest gap! if the distributor is out and easy to work around, placed it top top the bench or in a vise and set the suggest gap to the correct specification. This will make obtaining the auto running much, lot easier. We will still placed a dwell meter ~ above it as soon as it"s running, however this will gain us going.Mark the human body of the brand-new distributor at the suggest where the rotor will certainly be beside #1 cylinder"s spark plug wire. As soon as that is done, ar the distributor right into the engine hole and gently lower it until the pillar engages the camshaft gear. Due to the fact that the 2 gears mesh in a rotational manner, you should guess whereby to position the rotor"s obelisk as you lower the distributor so the it will certainly rotate into the exactly position when the unit is in place. Also, most shafts connect at the bottom come the oil pump drive, and you might find your rotor won"t connect it properly and also still turn to the best position.If you need to rotate the oil pump drive shaft, you have the right to usually perform so with a driver (for slotted types) or a 1/4 inch long socket (for hex types). You"ll must experiment through the amount of rotation until whatever matches up, therefore don"t acquire impatient. This is no time come say "close enough."Once the brand-new distributor is in, change the hold-down clamp and also snug increase the it is registered hardware, leaving just sufficient play to permit rotation of the distributor because that timing. Let"s operation The EngineWith the distributor in place and also the rotor pointing come #1, put on the cap and plug wires, acquisition time to ar each one according to shoot order. Don"t assume they room correct unless the engine has been running fine previously (but if the was, why room you instead of the distributor?) leaving off the vacuum development hose, however plug it increase to stop vacuum leaks if running. Double-check everything and remove loosened tools indigenous the engine air cleaner (yeah, we put them there too!).

Dwell meter hookup - always connect come points next of coil and ground, and also don"t forget to collection the meter because that proper variety of cylinders.

Start the engine. It must run, although not perfectly, due to the fact that it is collection to fire at TDC. Put a dwell meter top top the coil connections and also measure for appropriate range. If it needs to it is in adjusted, execute so now before setup timing. Remember, two degrees of dwell equals one degree of timing.

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Okay, now hook increase the time light and get that pointed to the time marks. Turn the distributor to obtain the correct advance setting, then rotate off the engine and also tighten the hold-down clamp. Replace the vacuum breakthrough hose.Now acquire the engine to run again and also note any misses or firing problems. Suspect there space none, now you can adjust engine idle mixture and speeds on the carburetor. If you changed the carburetor before doing the ignition job-related it will most most likely be off. Never readjust anything until the ignition is correctly set up. Otherwise you will be "chasing the problem" and never record it.
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