Minecraft 1.1 is out now, and sheep once again regrow their wool by eat grass.

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I"ve gained a considerable herd that blue-colored sheep I"d like to farm yard wool indigenous - is there anything I deserve to do to do it more likely that they will certainly eat grass and regrow your wool? Is there a cooldown duration between eating?


We have actually a little corral complete of colored sheep, probably 20-30. If i run about holding a pair that shears while holding RMB, ns cannot keep all of the sheep sheared as they room eating that fast. Sheep seem to eat even if they room uninjured and have wool, yet perhaps the 1.1 patch led to fishing rods to damages passive mobs.

So the price is "I don"t think you need to do anything, other than expand her flock."

Do not hold wheat in your hand roughly the lamb - they will certainly swarm you and also ignore the grass.

Sheep will likewise eat tall grass, which you can add to her pasture by utilizing bonemeal. It additionally has the pleasant side effect of giving you flower for the renewable dyes.


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