If you like grains such as rice or quinoa in her foods, you space sure to love bulgur wheat. Bulgur is rich and also flavorful, much like brown rice. You can also replace her rice with bulgur wheat and make her meal slightly an ext nutritious.

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Bulgur wheat have the right to be treated much like a serial in her kitchen. It has actually a lengthy shelf life and is generally used in meals in the middle East. It’s a flexible grain that deserve to be provided in a lot of assorted recipes in addition to the numerous foods it is currently known for.

When you cook bulgur wheat, no matter the reason, you require to have actually options. How have the right to you store and reheat bulgur wheat to no jeopardize odor or texture? No one an approach is far better than another when it concerns reheating your bulgur wheat. Just use whichever method will work ideal for her needs. Girlfriend might also choose a reheating method based top top what you plan to carry out with the bulgur together well.

We have many tips and tricks bordering bulgur wheat to share through you, consisting of the steps you need to follow as soon as you attempt to reheat bulgur wheat. We will share some alternatives for bulgur wheat and a ton of helpful information.

Keep analysis to find out exactly how to reheat bulgur wheat and so lot more.

A overview to Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur wheat is a beneficial food product. You deserve to make a the majority of things v it, including classic social dishes from the middle East, like tabbouleh. This is a timeless meal that bulgur is frequently used for, however it has so numerous other provides as well.


Here is a perform of some common recipes bulgur wheat is offered in.

TabboulehSaladsTuna salad additiveChiliVarious soupsStuffed peppersUse v veggie burgersMuffinsBreakfast bowls – include fruits, milk, etc.Side dishesCurryStir fryMeatballs

As you deserve to see, bulgur has countless uses. You can chef it practically any method you would certainly like and also you have the right to season it or add fruits or vegetables to it. It works great in salads and can even be provided for baking products.

What Is Bulgur Wheat?

Bulgur wheat is cracked whole-grain wheat. When that is harvested, that is boiled and also dried before it is packaged and also sent the end for distribution. Originally, bulgur wheat was mainly grown in Mediterranean areas. That is whereby the popular began.

The speak to for bulgur wheat proceeds to grow due to the fact that it is an extremely easy to cook and also it have the right to replace any type of grain. It’s incredibly versatile and also can be offered in numerous varying ways through different recipes.

Bulgur wheat can be served as a breakfast oat, a next dish, or together a filler for various items like salads. You can get rid of your brown rice and work through bulgur wheat. Bulgur wheat is actually more nutritious anyway.

This is a whole-wheat product, for this reason it’s full of nutrition and also can provide satisfactory grains to your diet in a healthy way. It’s also typically fairly affordable, lot like rice is.

Now that we’ve compared bulgur wheat come rice, we want to say prevent comparing it come rice. If you deserve to use it together a substitute because that rice, it likewise has a lot more functionality 보다 rice does and can be used for so many more things.

Did you understand that each ¼ cup serving of bulgur wheat has 6 grams that protein and 5 grams that fiber? If you’re not cooking with this yet, currently is your time.

Cooking Bulgur Wheat

Before you start making miscellaneous dishes with bulgur wheat, you should prepare it. That is very easy to cook and also for the most part, need to be cooked before you can use it in preparing other dishes. We are concentrating on reheating bulgur today, which means you should know how it is ready to start with.

Cooking bulgur is very simple. You chef it through the base instructions and then girlfriend can add to it however you prefer from over there – rotate it into a breakfast bowl, add seasonings and also herbs, do tabbouleh, or anything rather you can want to try.

Here room the an easy steps to food preparation bulgur wheat.

Use 2 cups of water to every 1 cup of bulgur wheat.Combine water and bulgur in a pot and bring come a boil.When it is boiling, row well, climate cover the pot and also reduce to simmer.Allow the bulgur to simmer for about 12 minutes, or until it is nice and tender.Drain excess liquid.You have the right to fluff the bulgur through a fork or proceed to other recipes and uses.

You can likewise cook bulgur wheat in the microwave or in a rice cooker if you have the ideal tools to carry out so. Cooking that in the timeless manner on the oven is so straightforward but don’t be afraid to try other cooking methods if friend would like to.

This is just the an easy step. Food preparation the bulgur wheat would be crucial to continue with using it in everything recipe you might be trying uneven you have a recipe that instructs friend otherwise.

Storing Bulgur Wheat

Bulgur wheat has actually a long shelf life. It have to be treated simply as you would any kind of other totality grain in her pantry. The ideal storage happens in either an airtight container or in her freezer. Below are some instructions for storing her uncooked bulgur wheat.

Store bulgur wheat in one airtight container. You have the right to use a sealable bag or a sealable container, simply make sure whatever you usage is airtight and seals well.Place the container in a dried location. we recommend you find a edge in your pantry where it’s not subjected to excessive light, heat, or moisture. You can likewise place it in the freezer under the very same storage methods.You can store bulgur wheat as much as 2 year in the pantry if save properly and also up to 4 year in the freezer if save properly.

If you’re working v cooked bulgur wheat, warehouse does change a bit. Here are the measures for storing cook bulgur wheat.

Place cook bulgur wheat in an airtight container or sealable bag. Be sure the packaging is airtight.You deserve to store bulgur wheat in the refrigerator for around 3 days. After ~ that, the wheat can potentially begin leaking water.You deserve to store cook bulgur wheat in the freezer for as much as 12 months. girlfriend can also meal-prep portions and also freeze cooking bulgur wheat long term.

Reheating The ideal Bulgur Wheat

You can have gathered the bulgur wheat is just one of the easiest foods items to occupational with. The cooks easily, shop easily, and also reheats easily. You have the right to reheat the in the oven, on the stove, or in the microwave. Here are the actions to reheating with each method.


Preheat your stove to 350 degrees.Place bulgur wheat in an oven-friendly pan and also spread the end evenly.Heat in the range for about 20 minute or till it is warmed through.


Place cooked bulgur wheat in a microwave-safe dish.Place in the microwave for around 3 minutes, stirring every minute.If you room cooking large portions that bulgur wheat or making use of large-grind wheat in the microwave, it deserve to take as much as 10 minute to it is in warmed through. The instruction because that 3 minutes is for a single portion.

Stove Top

Place the cook bulgur wheat in a potYou can include a small amount of butter or olive oil to your pot to freshen up the bulgur.Warm bulgur on medium heat for around 10 minutes, stirring regularly.You might need to heat longer, simply warmth until warmed through. If girlfriend feel as though the bulgur is sticking, we recommend including butter or oil in very little amounts.

Related Questions

We hope the you have found this guide to be useful and also informative. Bulgur wheat has plenty of uses and is relatively easy to work-related with.

We’ve detailed some common questions and answers listed below with added information. Us invite girlfriend to inspect them to check out if they may be helpful to you.

Can Bulgur Wheat walk Bad?

When uncooked, bulgur wheat is unlikely to go bad if that is stored properly. Watch because that abnormal smells prior to using but if you have stored it as recommended girlfriend should have actually nothing come worry about for 24 months of storage.

Cooked bulgur wheat calls for a bit much more caution however is also unlikely to go bad. Save in the fridge, cooking bulgur starts to leak water after a couple of days. Again, simply watch for inexplicable texture or aroma.

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Does Bulgur Wheat need to Be Rinsed because that Cooking?

Bulgur wheat does not must be rinsed before use because that cooking. It additionally does not must be wash or rinsed after it has actually cooked. You have the right to simply just use it as it is.