If you’rewondering what dirt bike to gain your child our guides might just aid. We have actually searched the internet many type of times looking for the finest bikes for our youngsters and have actually produced this website to share all ourexperiences. In this short article we will certainly offer our testimonial for theYamaha PW80

The PW80 isa good starter bike for a kid that’s just getting right into riding, probably roughly the age of 7 to 11 years old.

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With a fuel capacity of 1.3 gallons, you’ll gain plenty of fuel to store a younger rider going andit’snot going to be overly aggressive

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We all know there’s the majority of good smaller sized bikes out tright here that are awesome for youth riders and also kids that are simply discovering to rideand also alsoreally good play bikes for adults.

If you ask me there’s most good reasons that you should get your children into riding motorcycles, in fact not also long ago we composed our factors why you must go out and also buy your child a motorcycle. You have the right to check out that short article right here.


There’s most excellent bikes out tbelow that are awesome for youth riders from their very first bike once they’re initially beginning to ride all the means up till their teen years.

We thought it would certainly be a good idea to go via these and finish a blog series to help you understand also which one isgoing tobe finest for your youth rider. You deserve to check out all the reviews hereand in this article wewe shall be looking at the Yamaha PW80.

What is a Yamaha PW80?
What Age and also Size is a PW80 for?
How a lot is a PW80?
Tips and Tricks for the Yamaha PW80
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yamaha PW80?

Yamaha made this bike from 1983 as much as 2006 and it’s among those youth bikes that’s just proven to be very dependable. It’s an 80cc, two-stroke, air-cooled, kick start bike. They begin appropriate up and among the significant functions about these that people choose so much is the low maintenance.

They’re oil injected so you don’t need to mix any fuel and maintenance wise it really doesn’t take a lot at all to keep these in excellent running condition. The fuel capacity is 1.3 gallons, so you’ll gain plenty of fuel in here for a younger rider and the power on these is a real smooth delivery. It’s not going to be overly aggressive therefore a great bike for a boy that is simply starting out.

What Era and Size is a PW80 for?

YAMAHA TTR-110E26.4″

The PW80 is best suited for childrenin between the age selection of 7 – 10 years old, under 40 kg and also once they are 4 foot 3 inches and also over.

One question that most civilization ask is what dimension rideror what age group is the PW80 going to be ideal for?To help we’ve developed a quick comparison chart above.

As you deserve to see the PW80 is a small little bit taller than aTTR-50,it’s around the exact same elevation as a TTR-90 and a little bit shorter than a TTR-110 yet to offer you a much better idea of that we supplied acouple of my children who aredifferent eras and also various sizes.

With my 2 little bit helpers I’llattempt todescribefor you what dimension and what age is going to be areally goodfit for the PW80. The initially of my youngsters is my daughter Emily. She is 10 years old and she’s 4 feet 7 inches tall.

When Emily gets on the bike her feet are touching the ground comfortably and now once she puts her feet on the foot pegs it’sapparent,she’s going to be a small bit at the larger end for a bike this dimension.

So if you are considering this bikejust remember at four foot seven inches they are for me a small on the bigger finish and also sooner quite than later on they are probablygoing towant to go up to a bigger bike like maybe a TTR 110.

Next off,I tested with one more of mydaughters,Oliusing. She is eight years old and 4 foot 3 inches tall. Once she hopedonIcan view that she wasable to acquire both toes on the ground but she’s getting to for it, so she’sgoing tobe a small on the smaller sized side for this bike.

The nice point about this bike for Oliby means of though is that she’sgoing tohave the ability to thrive into it for an excellent couple of years, so certainly a bike that she’d have the ability to have. When she put her feet on the foot pegs, the bikeabsolutely lookedeven more her dimension compared to what I just witnessed via Emily.

Thanks to my girls I deserve to comfortably say thatat 4 foot 3 we have actually the small side and also 4 foot salso is okay for currently however will exceptionally shortly prosper out of it.Anywright here in between will be the sweet spot.

How a lot is a PW80?

We searched the internet to view what type of price you could expect to uncover a PW80 for. We newly phelp $950 for ours and I think we grabbed ourselves a genuine barobtain. These are the three we uncovered after a quick initial search

2006$12993 years warranty. Commercial Seller
2001$900No warranty, Private Seller
2004$750eBay, Private Seller

All were in reasonable condition and also prove that if you search you deserve to pick up a actual baracquire. Later in this short article I will comment on exactly how you can make the secondhand also bike look nearly brand-new.

Tips and also Tricks for the Yamaha PW80

In this area I will certainly talk around a couple of tips and insights that aregoing tohelp you out, both for acquiring the bike running betterand also also cosmetically.

First point I’d say you must look atis through the exhaust. Where the exhaustconnectsto the cylinder, it has a washer or a restrictor plate tright here. We recommfinish taking that off. To carry out thisyou’ll have to take the exhaust off, it’s incredibly basic to carry out and also you will watch a washer plate right at the finish of the exhaust organized on through glue. You have the right to literally simply peel it off and then reinstall the exhaust. That’sgoing tomake a large distinction in letting the bike breathe and also assist it run a tiny better.

Anvarious other thing you desire to be mindful of and also take note of is the carburetor. We’veactually seenthe majority of riders talking about exactly how they have many gas that spills out of the overcirculation hose on the side. If that’s happening to you via this bike you just desire to take the carburetor off andreduced the float a tiny little. Doing that must assist solve the trouble.

Above are the 2 major things you want to look for as far as the bike running better yet cosmetically in tough partsthere’ssomethings that we would certainly recommfinish you execute to.

The initially point being the transition lever. The stock change lever before on the PW80 is not foldable. That suggests typically if your kid has actually a reminder over or crash it’s easily bent or deserve to breakaltogether. We would certainly swap this out for thetusk folding change lever. That way it’ll fold over if they ever execute crash or reminder over and also proccasion that from breaking. You deserve to view the one we bought below at Amazon for $25.00

Another hard part that we would recommfinish altering would be the foot pegs. The stock foot pegs on the PW80’saren’tthat substantial and also don’t give that a lot grip. For a rider that’s just beginning out who’sgoing tobe sitting a lot of of the moment, the stock foot pegs should be alideal.

For riders as they progress, who are beginning to stand up and learn new methods, I would definitely recommend putting bigger foot pegs on. We would recommend theIMS Superstock pegboy this bike.

We acquired our foot pegs from amazon costing $66. You have the right to check out these here

Somepoint elseyou might desire tolook intotoo is the front brake lever before. On the bike we’re working with we are utilizing theTusk brake lever. These arereally inexpensiveand if it were up tomeI would just tell you to go grab a pair extra because simply favor through that shift lever before, if a crash or a tip over these are generally the first parts to go, so it’s never before a bad concept to have actually a couple additional via you.They sell for $13.00 on amazon

With our PW80 that we picked up secondhand for an excellent price, we put a OEM plastic kit on it to offer it a fresh more recent look. They’re inexpensive and it’s provides our children think they’ve got abrand-newmotorcycle.

On optimal of that weincluded anattacksgraphics kit. Attack did a great job on ours and also I don’t think anypoint gets a younger rider even more excited than having a practice graphics kit through their name and also favourite number on.

We additionally added a pair of bit bling components to our bike, just to make the bike look that little bit cooler. We replacedthe oil fillcapthrough a customized anodized blue one and for the rims we included some red valve stems.You deserve to uncover a large array of PW80 accesories right here on amazon.

As well as that weput brand-new grips on ours andwe likewise included a crossbar pad. Then lastly to complete it off weputon someDunlopMX52 intermediate tough train tires. The stock tires on thesecondhandbike we bought wereokay,yet they were pretty worn out.

Putting a new collection of tires onthere isgoingto do a pair points for your younger rider. Firstly they’regoing tohook up and also grip much better so it will certainly provide them even more confidence. They’re additionally going toassist them be safer while riding, so youwon’thave actually toconcern as a lot about them losing regulate or breaking traction when they’re out tbelow having a good time.

You deserve to pick them up from $75.00 below on amazon.


How much HP does a PW80 have?

The Yamaha PW80 has41.97 HP (31.3 KW) at 5500RPM. It has torque readings of4.43 ft/lbs(6.0 Nm) at 5000RPM

How many type of gears does a Yamaha PW80 have?

The PW80transmission is a three-speedwithratio’sof3.250 / 1.812 / 1.294. The Main speed reduction proportion is 3.143 and the additional rate reduction ratio is 2.133

How quick doesa80cc Yamaha dirt bikego?

Median speeds on an 80cc dirt bike are 45-50 mphand a lot of riders don’t exceed35 mph. On a smooth track or going downhill it’s possible to reach speeds up to 60-85 yet it’s somewhat unlikely and also it commonly doesn’t last lengthy.

Is a Yamaha PW80 2 stroke or 4stroke?

The engine on theYamaha PW80runs on unleaded fuel just and is a single-cylinder two-stroke. The fuel tank has a capacity of 1.29 U.S. gallons, not including a0.29-gallonreserve. It has actually a hand-operated transmission operated by a foot switch on the left side of the bike.

Does a PW80 have a clutch?

The PW80 features an automatic centrifugalclutch. Making it best for younger riders between the eras of 7-11

How execute you tell what year my PW80 is?

You deserve to situate the serial number or VIN on the dirt bike head, motor or on the title. Check to see if the number has dashes or spaces. If it has dashes or spaces it is a pre-1981 dirt bike.

You canCompare a serial number to a serial number table virtual todetermainwhichyear it is.

How perform you begin a PW80 cold?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG5RtKL3_dIVideo can’t be loaded bereason JavaScript is disabled: yamaha PW80 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG5RtKL3_dI)

That’s it, that’s our bike overview for the Yamaha PW80 Zinger. If you have any type of inquiries please comment below and also I would likewise love to hear your thoughts if you have actually a PW80, what did you love around it or perhaps you have actually some other insights you’d favor to share that might aid other people out whom are looking to pick among these bikes up.

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To pick up any type of of the components that we talked around for this bike, click on the web links above and don’t foracquire to examine out our otherkids’dirt bike reviews below.